By season as opposed to from best to worst. For anyone wondering the first film gets a 7/10, and the second film (better than any episode from the show) gets a 10/10.

Episode Positive aspects Negative aspects Rating
Friendship is Magic Excellent introductory episode, effective villain, does a good job of establishing the world within 44 minutes. Also, I love how the journey has fantasy aspects but still manages to be grounded in real life. applejack said the right words, then Fluttershy simply pulled the thorn out, then Pinkie helped her friends laugh their fears away, Rarity gave a simple gift (because now she just feels like it, I guess), and Rainbow resisted temptation and secured a bridge. Part 2 is kind of rushed. Also, at this point in the series, I don't care much for the idea that the Mane Six just happened to be in the right place at the right time. The value of the journey is undermined. The Elements of Harmony don't mean anything. They undermine genuine empathy and kindness. Luna's redemption is just so abstract and distant. 8.5/10
The Ticket Master While the previous episode establishes who these people are, this episode establishes who they want to be; it's a great insight to the characters, and the humor is pretty good as well. The songs aren't that great. I guess the conflict could be resolved slightly better. 7.5/10
Applebuck Season The first episode to bring us into these characters shortcomings, conflict resolution without Celestia for the first time, a lot of the Mane Six get really shining moments during the town hall scene (bonus points for the exception of Rarity), reasonable conflict resolution, all of the Mane Six's inclusions make sense. Not very funny. 7/10
Griffon the Brush Off Powerful message and moral, I miss when the antagonist was actually the antagonist, I also miss when Pinkie was more than a mere gag factory, and speaking of which, the humor's pretty funny. Gilda 8.5/10
Boast Busters THIS is Twilight Sparkle, Spike is pretty good here as well, Snips and Snails are more enjoyable on second viewing, Rainbow Dash, animation is at an all new high here, climax was thrilling, and the moral almost previous episode's. Trixie 8.5/10
Dragonshy Journey was far more enjoyable than I first expected, and I think I'm starting to miss the letters to Celestia just by typing this (or rather, what's written IN them). Out of all the 'saving the world' stories, this one still is the most grounded in friendship. Rainbow Dash's annoyance was kind of justified, but both she and Fluttershy aren't really at their highest here, especially at the climax, which was just... what? 7/10
Look Before You Sleep I kind of like what this episode was trying to go for. The only thing the episode bothers to explain is why Spike isn't there, when it should really focus on not making AJ and Rares so petty... AJ was more in the wrong... but Rares wasn't exactly perfect either... and then there's Twilight... why did AJ pull the tree inside...? So much wrong with the episode; first dud. 2/10
Bridle Gossip Episode starts off beautifully, Evil Enchantress song, Apple Bloom, Zecora is a great character. While the moral is nice, I do think that it's not a very interesting spin on it. Also, while it does seem in character for Fluttershy, Rarity, and Twilight to fear Zecora, and while I do like the song, Pinkie Pie just doesn't seem like the type of pony who would compose such a thing. While it also makes sense for Rainbow Dash to misjudge Zecora, isn't she the type of pony who would fly straight over to her? Though I guess one can say that she's learned from Dragonshy... but can you really expect me to believe that she wouldn't do that the previous times Zecora visited before Dragonshy? And did Applejack forget the lesson she learned in the very previous episode? 4/10
Swarm of the Century Does anyone else miss when Celestia used to be more 'human', er, 'pony'? The episode also deserves major props for showing just how perilous this world is. The character all get their time to shine. Pinkie's Pie obliviousness and Fluttershy's naivety drag the episode down a bit. 7.5/10
Winter Wrap Up So much world-building, just like the previous episode, every member of the Mane Six is naturally put into the episode and all have their part to play (Except Rainbow Dash. She's just okay.). Episode raises a few unanswered questions about Ponyville, song sucks. 6/10
Call of the Cutie This season just loves it's world building, doesn't it? And we're back to mentioning the great morals. Was everyone an idiot in the beginning? 8.5/10
Fall Weather Friends So much heated competition, tension and action are real, Twilight, Pinkie, and Spike all fit naturally into the episode, and episode is far more aware of what its characters are arguing about than Look Before You Sleep. Overall, best season one episode. 10/10
Suited For Success Applejack's "Hm... Nah." This episode is also the start of several big things in the fandom; it's where DJ Pon-3 makes her first appearance, and it's also where 20% cooler comes from. All of the Mane Six are terrible here, Rarity's painful-to-sit-through breakdown, oh, my gosh, the song sucks, why did Hoity Toity come back? Whoever thought fashion would be enjoyable to watch was sadly mistaken... 2/10
Feeling Pinkie Keen Comedy is through the roof here, and this episode is another example of how perilous this world is. Several pointless moments (why did we have to constantly cut back to Fluttershy...?). 9.5/10
Sonic Rainboom rainbow dash, brilliant moral and world building, spectacular climax, yay. Cloudsdale is a good example of world building. Rarity, Fluttershy confuses "kindness" with "tough love", did Celestia just stand there while the element of generosity was falling to her death? I mean, I'd probably do the same thing, but this is Celestia we're talking about here. 9/10
Stare Master It amazes me at just how terrifying an episode can get out of nowhere, badflank Fluttershy is more believable here than in Dragonshy. CMC get annoying after a while. 8/10
The Show Stoppers CMC are more endearing here than in previous episode, Cutie Mark Crusaders Song So, Applejack gets worried over her sister falling off of a table but not over her sister getting crushed by a stage? If Apple Bloom is so good at carpentry, what the hell was up with the table in the previous episode? If Sweetie Belle is so bad at designing, how did she manage to make three capes in the previous episode? 8.5/10
A Dog and Pony Show Great moral. Episode kind of misses the point of subverting the whole damsel-in-distress thing. 10/10
Green Isn't Your Color I was surprised at how original this episode is, jealousy story done correctly, Photo Finish. Twilight's inclusion seems inorganic. 9.5/10
Over a Barrel Braeburn, Rainbow Dash, tension is through the roof, actually made the western setting fun, much better moral than Bridle Gossip, and this episode is freaking hilarious. ("Ya know she's not a tree, right?") Ponies are often seen as the perfect center of the universe, and this episode turns the tables on that; it shows that ponies do not always get along with their neighbors. Even in a season one episode, there are times when Pinkie seems high off her flank. 9.5/10
A Bird in the Hoof There's a good moral, I guess, Fluttershy's caring nature, and after Twilight comes in, the episode starts to get funny... There's more 'humanization' for Celestia and even the Royal Guards. When the episode isn't funny, it becomes very, very boring. 8.5/10
The Cutie Mark Chronicles So much detailed backstory, letter to Celestia ties the whole thing together well enough. The CMC are treated as a plot device, Scootaloo in this episode is rather annoying. 9.5/10
Owl's Well That Ends Well Episode dives into Twilight and Spike's relationship, which I can appreciate, and the climax was pretty cool. The idea of a smart and competent owl to complement Twilight sounds interesting; too bad he's more of a pet to Spike than to Twilight nowadays... Very predictable, Twilight and Rarity come off as petty, how many times is Twilight going to forget her abilities in a dire situation? 7/10
Party of One This. Episode. Is. Hilarious. Pinkie Pie is at her best. The party extraordinaire who memorizes everything about everyone forgets her own birthday that comes the day after her pet's? 9.5/10
The Best Night Ever Episode beautifully intertwines six subplots with fluent pacing; draws the arc to a natural close. Rarity; what exactly did Blueblood do wrong (apart from insulting Applejack's food)? Also, I just realized this while typing; Celestia says that she invited the Mane Six to liven up the gala... but she actually invited them because Twilight asked her to (Remember, she only invited Twilight at first.)... in fact, it really undermines how Celestia is willing to spend her resources at simply Twilight's asking. 9.5/10
The Return of Harmony Visuals provide a lot of creativity and humor, that chase scene was TENSE, important and applicable moral, and I love how Discord slowly develops as a villain throughout the episode. Anticlimax, Twilight's realization dialogue feels redundant, and while there's a lot of chaos creativity, it could have been more varied. 9/10
Lesson Zero Welcome change to the status quo, closer look at Twilight and Celestia's relationship (not all at once though ;) ), the first glimpse we get into how Big McIntosh may look masculine on the outside but not on the inside, and just like last time, an important lesson... ...but unlike last time, it's not very applicable. Not only does the episode avoid that, but it also avoids addressing Twilight's original problem (and It's About Time doesn't fix the former), effectively ending in Twilight learning nothing and the moral not being helpful to people in Twilight's position. In a show that puts emphasis on teaching mature and relatable morals to little girls, this episode misses the mark on that note quite a bit. On top of that, and as much as I hate to admit it, this is the first episode where the whole "characters stand around repeating everything we already know through repetitive dialogue" thing is really noticeable, at the end where the Mane Six write to Celestia pretty much doing nothing more than repeating everything they just told her in person. 8/10
Luna Eclipsed As season two continues with its lessons being outstandingly important, this one is presented in a way that makes Twilight really shine. Pipsqueak is a fun new character, and conceptually, this episode is gold. Unfortunately, despite how flawless the concept is, the way it actually plays out leaves Luna really flat and uninteresting. Almost no one considers Luna's feelings, and Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash come off as unnecessarily mean. This episode had the chance to be among the best of the series, and like Magic Duel, it's really disappointing to see it not follow up fully on its promise, except with this episode, you actually realize the potential after the fact, which hurts it more. 5/10
Sisterhooves Social Well-handled and natural characterization and family interactions; I rather like how they didn't bother trying to shoehorn in Scootaloo like I thought they would, and I totally did not see that twist coming. Constant back and forth gets annoying and repetitive after a while. 9/10
The Cutie Pox Zecora gets more attention, Cutie Mark Crusaders are growing decently, good lessons. Characters act stupid because they needed to, and the CMC running off at the end really should not have been played as a joke. 7/10
May the Best Pet Win! Fun to watch, good and important moral (shocker), funny moments (as to be expected), Tank. So, Twilight and Applejack just stood there and questioned the situation... effectively doing nothing about it. The song is sucktastic. 7/10
The Mysterious Mare Do Well I've been waiting a long time for an ego crusher for Rainbow Dash, and this episode did not fail to deliver on that. Several of the jokes are funny as well, and it really shows the length the M5 are willing to go to if one of their friends has taken a turn for the worst. Does anyone else find it sweet how Scootaloo took the time to invite Dashie to the parade? The Mare Do Well design is also pretty cool. A few failed jokes, everyone just forgets about Rainbow Dash, I wish the episode ended with Rainbow Dash donning the Mare Do Well costume. 8/10
Sweet and Elite ... Everything 0/10
Secret of My Excess Spike character growth, Twilight’s personality really shines here (which I feel is a point that many people overlook), we learn more about dragons, fun new background characters. Take a guess. It should be pretty obvious. 9/10
Hearth's Warming Eve So much detailed backstory subverted my expectations, message is empowering and reinforced well throughout the episode and series, what we’re shown about the separate tribes actually correlates to a lot of what we see today. 10/10
Family Appreciation Day Granny Smith development (kind of), new characters, universal expansion. Granny Smith’s development is pretty terrifying 9/10
Baby Cakes Manages to make Pound and Pumpkin ‘humanized’ (move on), Pinkie Pie maturing, creative use of unicorn and Pegasus abilities. Twilight’s thrown out pointlessly, there’s that other thing. You know what thing. Also, there is some dangerous babysitting behavior (who leaves babies in a bathtub?). 8/10
The Last Roundup I guess I like Derpy’s scene Applejack is worst pony, everypony is a jerk here, Mane Six not being proactive, Pinkie Pie is unfunny, Rainbow Dash at her worst. 0.5/10
The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 Everyone has their part to play, memorable villains, character development, moral, more of that sweet universal expansion, nice animation details. Stupid ending 8.5/10
Read It and Weep Action packed and Daring Do Lesson is hard to relate to, episode doesn’t go anywhere. 7.5/10
Hearts and Hooves Day Song is good, character development that is long overdue, some funny humor, animation The whole Twilight/book thing. 9.5/10
A Friend in Deed More small details with the animation, Pinkie Pie has some good moments, songs not as great as people say it is, but it did lead to an awesome remix by Foozogz, so I can’t complain, Cranky is developed nicely, continuity. Pinkie Pie is annoying, irrelevant moral 7/10
Putting Your Hoof Down Everything really Nothing 10/10
It's About Time Moral presentation, Celestia shows more character (I think), humor Rainbow and Spike went a bit too far. 9/10
Dragon Quest Moral and character presentation, character development, world building, mature themes, focus on non-pony species. Spike’s decision-making feels a bit too quick. 9/10
Hurricane Fluttershy Moral is… okay, I can tell what the episode’s trying to do with Flutterhshy and Rainbow Dash… …but honestly, I’m not getting the sense here that Fluttershy has actually processed this lesson, Rainbow Dash sometimes comes off as inconsiderate and not thinking clearly, Spitfire just stands there, episode retreads familiar roads with Sonic Rainboom, takes away new dimension added to Fluttershy with Putting Your Hoof Down. 4/10
Ponyville Confidential Moral is hammered in hard, realistic representation of subject matter. Did no one think to tell Cheerilee? 9.5/10
MMMystery on the Friendship Express Animation, references, humor, mystery was thoroughly a mystery, continuity with Pinkie Pie maturing. Questionable moments in the mystery. 8/10
A Canterlot Wedding Mystery story gradually turns to action, suspense is paced nicely, keeps the audience guessing. Part 2 has pretty good action and songs. The moral from Griffon the Brush Off is symbolized well here. Celestia is ‘humanized’ further; she does something and loses; she was made fallible; she was made less like some creepy deity who orchestrates everything behind the scenes and more like someone who cares for her subjects more than herself. The whole “We need the Elements of Harmony!” was (literally!) given a major beatdown. Yay. The other main characters really didn’t need to be here, terrible resolution to Part 1, Shining Armor and Cadance out of nowhere, and so is Chrysalis, there’s little left to the imagination for fake!Cadance, climax feels like a copout, reducing actual feeling to an abstract and blunt metaphor. Character interactions actually feel stilted, Love is in Bloom sucks, Luna was clearly just an afterthought. 6/10

Season three

The Crystal Empire -- 9.5/10

Too Many Pinkie Pies -- 9/10

One Bad Apple -- 8/10

Magic Duel -- 6/10

Sleepless in Ponyville -- 9/10

Wonderbolts Academy -- 7/10

Apple Family Reunion -- 8.5/10

Spike at Your Service -- 8.5/10

Keep Calm and Flutter On -- 9.5/10

Just for Sidekicks -- 9/10

Games Ponies Play -- 6/10

Magical Mystery Cure -- 8.5/10

Season four

Okay, to prevent repetitive typing, every episode from the premiere to Power Ponies gets a 9.5/10.

Bats! -- 10/10

Rarity Takes Manehattan -- 2/10

Pinkie Apple Pie -- 9/10

Rainbow Falls -- 1/10

Three's A Crowd -- 8/10

Pinkie Pride -- 7.5/10

Simple Ways -- 9/10

Filli Vanilli -- 3/10

Twilight Time -- 5/10

It Ain't Easy Being Breezies -- 5/10

Somepony to Watch Over Me -- 7/10

Maud Pie -- 5/10

For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils -- 10/10

Leap of Faith -- 10/10

Testing Testing 1, 2, 3 -- 7/10

Trade Ya! -- 9.5/10

Inspiration Manifestation -- 9.5/10

Equestria Games -- 9/10

Twilight's Kingdom -- 7.5/10

Season five

The Cutie Map -- 3/10

Castle Sweet Castle -- 6/10

Bloom & Gloom -- 7.5/10

Tanks for the Memories -- 6/10

Appleoosa's Most Wanted -- 9/10

Make New Friends but Keep Discord -- 7/10

The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone -- 3/10

Slice of Life -- 10/10

Princess Spike -- 7/10

Party Pooped -- 0/10

Amending Fences -- 5/10

Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep? -- 4/10

Canterlot Boutique -- 0.5/10

Rarity Investigates! -- 3.5/10

Made in Manehattan -- 2.5/10

Brotherhooves Social -- 7/10

Crusaders of the Lost Mark -- 3/10

The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows -- 0/10

Hearthbreakers -- 4/10

Scare Master -- 3/10

What About Discord? -- 2/10

The Hooffields and the McColts -- 2/10

The Mane Attraction -- 2.5/10

The Cutie Re-Mark -- Nothing. This episode is far worse than Sweet and Elite to the point where it doesn't deserve a score.

Season six

The Crystalling -- 3/10

The Gift of the Maud Pie -- 6/10

On Your Marks -- 7.5/10

Gauntlet of Fire -- 3/10

No Second Prances -- 2/10

Newbie Dash -- 3/10

A Hearth's Warming Tail -- 3/10

The Saddle Row Review -- 2/10

Applejack's "Day" Off -- 6/10

Flutter Brutter -- 6.5/10

Spice Up Your Life -- 3/10

Stranger Than Fan Fiction -- 3/10

The Cart Before the Ponies -- 2/10

28 Pranks Later -- 7/10

The Times They Are A Changeling -- 3/10

Dungeons & Discords -- 5/10

Buckball Season -- 6/10

The Fault in Our Cutie Marks -- 6/10

Viva Las Pegasus -- 0/10

Every Little Thing She Does -- 3/10

P.P.O.V. (Pony Point of View) -- 1/10

Where the Apple Lies -- 7/10

Top Bolt -- 3/10

To Where and Back Again -- 0/10

Flameless fireworks light up town hall S5E9