Pre-OC McNotice Me

Episode Positive aspects Negative aspects Rating
Friendship is Magic Excellent introductory episode, effective villain, and I love how the journey has fantasy aspects but still manages to be grounded in real life. Part 2 is kind of rushed. Also, at this point in the series, I don't care much for the idea that the Mane Six just happened to be in the right place at the right time. The value of the journey is undermined. The Elements of Harmony don't mean anything. Luna's redemption is just so abstract and distant. 9.5/10
The Ticket Master While the previous episode establishes who these people are, this episode establishes who they want to be; it's a great insight to the characters, and the humor is pretty good as well. The songs aren't that great. This episode is so rough with the characterizations. 9.5/10
Applebuck Season The first episode to bring us into these characters shortcomings, conflict resolution without Celestia for the first time, a lot of the Mane Six get really shining moments during the town hall scene, reasonable conflict resolution, all of the Mane Six's inclusions make sense. Not very funny, and I kind of get the feeling that "checklisting" the Mane Six each doing their schtick is a remnant from being so early in the show. 7/10
Griffon the Brush Off Powerful message and moral. I miss when Pinkie was more than a mere gag factory. 10/10
Boast Busters THIS is Twilight Sparkle, Spike is pretty good here as well, Snips and Snails are more enjoyable on second viewing, Rainbow Dash, animation is at an all new high here, climax was thrilling. Trixie's stereotypical shoehorned shallow villain role. 9.5/10
Dragonshy Journey was far more enjoyable than I first expected, and I think I'm starting to miss the letters to Celestia just by typing this. Rainbow Dash's annoyance was kind of justified, but both she and Fluttershy aren't really at their highest here, especially at the climax, which was just... what? 7/10
Look Before You Sleep I kind of like what this episode was trying to go for. The only thing the episode bothers to explain is why Spike isn't there, when it should really focus on not making AJ and Rares so petty... and then there's Twilight... why did AJ pull the tree inside...? 2/10
Bridle Gossip Episode starts off beautifully, Evil Enchantress song, Apple Bloom, Zecora is a great character. While the moral is nice, I do think that it's not a very interesting spin on it. Also, while I do like the song, Pinkie Pie just doesn't seem like the type of pony who would compose such a thing. 7/10
Swarm of the Century Does anyone else miss when Celestia used to be more 'human'? The episode also deserves major props for showing just how perilous this world is. The character all get their time to shine. Pinkie's Pie obliviousness and Fluttershy's naivety drag the episode down a bit. It's a pretty well-trod plot line as well. Also, the episode is surprisingly less funny on rewatch. 7.5/10
Winter Wrap Up Just like the previous episode, every member of the Mane Six is naturally put into the episode and all have their part to play. Song sucks. In the first season, the episodes weren't in any continuity-specific order, but rather elements about the world being introduced, hence why this comes before Fall Weather Friends. It'd be unfair to call it bad, but more pointless than the ones surrounding it. 6/10
Call of the Cutie World-building actually serves a purpose here! Isn't that great? And we're back to mentioning the great morals. Was everyone an idiot in the beginning? 8.5/10
Fall Weather Friends So much heated competition, tension and action are real, Twilight, Pinkie, and Spike all fit naturally into the episode, and episode is far more aware of what its characters are arguing about than Look Before You Sleep. Also, unlike, Winter Wrap Up, there isn't a three minute song dedicated to kinda pointless lore! 10/10
Suited For Success Applejack's "Hm... Nah." This episode is also the start of several big things in the fandom; it's where DJ Pon-3 makes her first appearance, and it's also where 20% cooler comes from. All of the Mane Six are terrible here, Rarity's painful-to-sit-through breakdown, oh, my gosh, the song sucks, why did Hoity Toity come back? Whoever thought fashion would be enjoyable to watch was sadly mistaken... 2/10
Feeling Pinkie Keen Comedy is through the roof here, and this episode is another example of how perilous this world is. Several pointless moments. 9.5/10
Sonic Rainboom A pretty rare occurrence of any episode in this time actually caring about Rainbow Dash's character, brilliant moral and world building, spectacular climax, yay. Rarity, Fluttershy confuses "kindness" with "tough love", did Celestia just stand there while the element of generosity was falling to her death? I mean, I'd probably do the same thing, but this is Celestia we're talking about here. 9/10
Stare Master It amazes me at just how terrifying an episode can get out of nowhere, badflank Fluttershy is more believable here than in Dragonshy. CMC get annoying after a while. 8/10
The Show Stoppers CMC are more endearing here than in previous episode, Cutie Mark Crusaders Song I just don't get the point of them learning the wrong lesson here and then learning the right one in The Cutie Pox. Maybe Twilight didn't need to be here after all. 8.5/10
A Dog and Pony Show Spike is at his most human Episode tries way too hard to prove a point about Rarity to the point where memetic joke is dragged more than it would be funny on paper; episode kind of misses the point of subverting the whole damsel-in-distress thing. 2/10
Green Isn't Your Color I was surprised at how original this episode is, jealousy story done correctly, Photo Finish. Episode is unfortunately in a kind of lose-lose situation with Twilight. 9.5/10
Over a Barrel Braeburn, Rainbow Dash, tension is through the roof, actually made the western setting fun, much better moral than Bridle Gossip, and this episode is freaking hilarious. Ponies are often seen as the perfect center of the universe, and this episode turns the tables on that; it shows that ponies do not always get along with their neighbors. Visual aesthetic parallels are unsubtle as hell. 9.5/10
A Bird in the Hoof There's a good moral, I guess, Fluttershy's caring nature, and after Twilight comes in, the episode starts to get funny... There's more 'humanization' for Celestia and even the Royal Guards. When the episode isn't funny, it becomes very, very boring. 8.5/10
The Cutie Mark Chronicles This episode is freakin' cute. Scootaloo in this episode is somewhat annoying, but that wouldn't actually bring the rating down, no, just look at the unbelievable cheese. 9.5/10
Owl's Well That Ends Well Episode dives into Twilight and Spike's relationship, which I can appreciate, and the climax was pretty cool. The idea of a smart and competent owl to complement Twilight sounds interesting; too bad he's more of a pet to Spike than to Twilight nowadays... Very predictable, Twilight and Rarity come off as petty, how many times is Twilight going to forget her abilities in a dire situation? 7/10
Party of One This. Episode. Is. Hilarious. Pinkie Pie is at her best. The party extraordinaire who memorizes everything about everyone forgets her own birthday that comes the day after her pet's? 9.5/10
The Best Night Ever Episode beautifully intertwines six subplots with fluent pacing; draws the arc to a natural close. Rarity. 9.5/10
The Return of Harmony Visuals provide a lot of creativity and humor, that chase scene was TENSE, important and applicable moral, and I love how Discord slowly develops as a villain throughout the episode. Anticlimax, Twilight's realization dialogue feels redundant, and while there's a lot of chaos creativity, it could have been more varied. 9/10
Lesson Zero I think the episode is a masterclass on the tone, culminating in a warm fuzzy scene that involved Celestia and Twilight. The first glimpse we get into how Big McIntosh may look masculine on the outside but not on the inside, and just like last time, an important lesson... ...but unlike last time, it's not very applicable. In a show that puts emphasis on teaching mature and relatable morals to little girls, this episode misses the mark on that note quite a bit. On top of that, this is the first episode where the whole "characters stand around repeating everything we already know through repetitive dialogue" thing is really noticeable. Also, everyone just seems flanderized one way or another. 8/10
Luna Eclipsed As season two continues with its lessons being outstandingly important, this one is presented in a way that makes Twilight really shine. Pipsqueak is a fun new character. Almost no one considers Luna's feelings, and Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash come off as unnecessarily mean. 9/10
Sisterhooves Social Well-handled and natural characterization and family interactions; I totally did not see that twist coming. Constant back and forth gets annoying and repetitive after a while. Also, I can stop pretending to care about this episode as much as I say I do because I really don't. 6/10
The Cutie Pox Zecora gets more attention, Cutie Mark Crusaders are growing decently, good lessons. Characters act stupid because they needed to, and the CMC running off at the end really should not have been played as a joke. 7/10
May the Best Pet Win! Fun to watch, good and important moral (shocker), funny moments (as to be expected), Tank. So, Twilight and Applejack just stood there and questioned the situation... effectively doing nothing about it. The song is sucktastic. And it's three minutes long oh my god what is with the long sucky songs 7/10
The Mysterious Mare Do Well Two episodes in a row for a less nuanced character like Rainbow Dash is exactly what she needs, and this episode did not disappoint. A few failed jokes, everyone just forgets about Rainbow Dash. 8/10
Rarity Screws A Friend Over on Their Birthday - Part 1 ... Everything 0/10
Rarity Screws A Friend Over on Their Birthday - Part 2 Spike character growth, awesome Twilight faces, we learn more about dragons, fun new background characters. Take a guess. It should be pretty obvious. 9/10
Hearth's Warming Eve So much detailed backstory subverted my expectations, message is empowering and reinforced well throughout the episode and series. Honestly, there's nothing wrong here. I thought this would just be yet another Christmas story. It wasn't (but we got that...). I didn't expect to like a history episode. But I did. (Whereas this filler sucked.) 10/10
Family Appreciation Day Granny Smith development (kind of), new characters, universal expansion that isn't used in the worst possible way. Granny Smith’s development is pretty terrifying 9/10
Baby Cakes Manages to make Pound and Pumpkin ‘humanized’, Pinkie Pie maturing, creative use of unicorn and Pegasus abilities. I wasn't expecting Twilight pointlessness to be a problem in season two, yet here we are. There’s that other thing. You know what thing. Also, there is some dangerous babysitting behavior (who leaves babies in a bathtub?). 8/10
The Last Roundup I guess I like Derpy’s scene Applejack is worst pony, everypony is a jerk here, Mane Six not being proactive, Pinkie Pie is unfunny, Rainbow Dash at her worst. 0.5/10
The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 Everyone has their part to play, memorable villains, character development, moral, nice animation details. Stupid ending 8.5/10
Read It and Weep Action packed and Daring Do Lesson is hard to relate to, episode doesn’t go anywhere. 7.5/10
Hearts and Hooves Day Song is good, character development that is long overdue, some funny humor, animation The whole Twilight/book thing. 9.5/10
A Friend in Deed More small details with the animation, Pinkie Pie has some good moments, song, Cranky is developed nicely and easy to sympathize with. Pinkie Pie is annoying, irrelevant moral 7/10
Putting Your Hoof Down Everything really Nothing 10/10
It's About Time Moral presentation, Celestia shows more character (I think), humor Somewhat of a broken aesop in that it starts from something that could very easily have caused genuine concern. 9/10
Dragon Quest Moral and character presentation, character development, mature themes, focus on non-pony species, world building. Spike’s decision-making feels a bit too quick. 9/10
Hurricane Fluttershy Moral is… okay, I can tell what the episode’s trying to do with Flutterhshy and Rainbow Dash… …but honestly, I’m not getting the sense here that Fluttershy has actually processed this lesson, Rainbow Dash sometimes comes off as inconsiderate and not thinking clearly, Spitfire just stands there, episode retreads familiar roads with Sonic Rainboom, takes away new dimension added to Fluttershy with Putting Your Hoof Down. 4/10
Ponyville Confidential Moral is hammered in hard, realistic representation of subject matter. Did no one think to tell Cheerilee? 9.5/10
MMMystery on the Friendship Express Animation, references, humor, mystery was thoroughly a mystery, continuity with Pinkie Pie maturing. Questionable moments in the mystery. <-- Honestly, who even gives a flying feather about this at this point? 9/10
A Canterlot Wedding Mystery story gradually turns to action, Part 2 has pretty good action and songs. The moral from Griffon the Brush Off is symbolized well here. Celestia is humanized further. The whole “We need the Elements of Harmony!” was given a major beatdown. Typical Meghan McCarthy screw-ups,, Shining Armor and Cadance out of nowhere, and so is Chrysalis, there’s little left to the imagination for fake!Cadance, Love is in Bloom sucks, Luna was clearly just an afterthought. 6/10

The Crystal Empire -- 9.5/10

Too Many Pinkie Pies -- 9/10

One Bad Apple -- 8/10

Magic Duel -- 3/10

Sleepless in Ponyville -- TBA

Wonderbolts Academy -- 2/10

Apple Family Reunion -- 8.5/10

Spike at Your Service -- 8.5/10

Keep Calm and Flutter On -- 9.5/10

Just for Sidekicks -- TBA

Games Ponies Play -- 9.5/10

Magical Mystery Cure -- 8.5/10

The season four episodes up to Power Ponies have easily discernible flaws that you can probably guess, but every episode has a flaw somewhere in there, the post-Rainbow Rocks ones far moreso than the ones pre-Rainbow Rocks, and these episodes are just 100% thrill rides. Aside from Flight to the Finish, which earned its spot with its strengths. Being fun is still a strength though.

Episode Positive aspects Negative aspects Rating
Princess Twilight Sparkle What the hell were the writers smoking when they wrote this because I want it. 9.5/10
Castle Mane-ia Likewise. 9.5/10
Daring Don't Seriously, what are they on? 9.5/10
Flight to the Finish You know why this episode is great, and you don't need me to tell you. This conflict could easily have originated internally. 9.5/10
Power Ponies This is episode is super fun, and every scene between Twilight and Spike is actually rather sweet. Somewhat misplaced/blunt moral. 9.5/10
Bats! This episode manages to create a rather complicated mire, express it through the series' best song, and go about it with active (and misjudged) problem solving, with a pretty out-there and cool twist to push things back in the right direction. Also, best song of the show. 10/10
Rarity Takes Manehattan Episode tries too hard to paint Rarity in a good light. Also, as I explained in a comment,"I will always hold it against this episode for being the first one outside of the two-parters to really hold up the six as being their specific element bearers ("Wow, Applejack. I know your thing is honesty but come on!", "Isn't friendship magic?!", the entire song about generosity)." 2/10

Pinkie Apple Pie -- 9/10

Rainbow Falls -- 1/10

Three's A Crowd -- 8/10

Pinkie Pride -- 7.5/10

Simple Ways -- 9/10

Filli Vanilli -- 3/10

Twilight Time -- 5/10

It Ain't Easy Being Breezies -- 5/10

Somepony to Watch Over Me -- 7/10

Maud Pie -- 5/10

For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils -- 10/10

Leap of Faith -- 10/10

Testing Testing 1, 2, 3 -- 7/10

Trade Ya! -- 9.5/10

Inspiration Manifestation -- 9.5/10

Equestria Games -- 9/10

Twilight's Kingdom -- 7.5/10

Post-Rainbow Rocks

Episode Positive aspects Negative aspects Rating
The Cutie Map Those four ponies were humanized from the rest. Part two at least starts off engaging. Table scene feels accomplished in its tone. So much for being different when their differences are "this box, that box, and here box". The town is clearly some weird cult, but they spend so much time establishing how "weird" it is when we're just seeing more of the same. Engagement just kind of turns on and off, which is actually sad because most of the episode is paced quite well just enough for the tension. Villain (who eventually turns out to be "I lost a friend and that somehow makes me sympathetic" MkIV) being a petulant child is just boring. 3/10
Castle Sweet Castle I do feel the feels this episode is going for. All of the M5 just happen to have an encounter w/ Twi that just happen to each do w/ their particular archetype that just happen to reveal the same obvious conclusion about Twi. 6/10
Bloom & Gloom Very smart CMC episode. Story is really predictable; issues, while great, don't really feel original, even from just recently. 7.5/10
Tanks for the Memories The brutal and cold hard truth that death is inevitable and unpreventable is not something that you can screw up without trying. And that's literally the only reason this episode has a positive score because otherwise, Rainbow Dash is a spoiled brat. 6/10
Appleoosa's Most Wanted Episode mostly makes the most of its interesting material. Kind of flat with the new character though. 9/10
Make New Friends but Keep Discord Really memorable episode with tons of humor, Fluttershy, Maud, and Smooze -- all great. Pointless reuse of location just to make bronies cheer means most of the characters have no stake in the story. Even the jealousy/overgrown child thing feels tiresome because Discord trying to be funny isn't actually funny. 7/10
The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone Not sure what I'm supposed to put here. For a while after I watched it the first time, I actually liked Pinkie again briefly. Due to the new location, the episode needed a LOT of exposition to catch up. The episode feels way too cluttered, and the actual arc that it's aiming for is not my thing. Redemptions aren't immediately terrible, but with Gilda, the message Griffon the Brush Off wants to convey would point to this character specifically not being one to redeem. So Gilda ends up being "I lost a friend and that somehow makes me sympathetic" MkI. 3/10
Slice of Life Episode manages to humanize countless formerly faceless characters and manages to tie it all together well. Flameless fireworks light up town hall S5E9 10/10
Princess Spike Um... something. Wording of the moral feels similar to last week's. 2/10
Party Pooped This episode is stupid. 0/10
Amending Fences Twilight in her state of looking back and reflecting, trying to improve. Actually rather glad that scene with Celestia was cut; would have been laying it on too thick even if Moon Dancer wasn't completely pathetic and shallow and a... waste. Moon Dancer is "I lost a friend and that somehow makes me sympathetic" MkII. 5/10
Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep? To an extent, I did have some fun watching this. This moral is handled terribly. 4/10
Canterlot Boutique ...I liked Fashion Plate? Do I even need to say anything here? 0.5/10
Rarity Investigates! Rainbow Dash's constant cynicism. I was just snarking at this one left and right. 3.5/10
Made in Manehattan
Coco Pommel wide smile S5E16
The freaking map's back. Twilight, if you want to go, just freaking go. Also, I just realized this while typing, but this was the original Viva Las Pegasus, but that didn't have Miss Pommel being cute. 2.5/10
Brotherhooves Social This one's really sweet. Some cringy one-liners. 7/10
Crusaders of the Lost Mark The knowledge that Magical Mystery Cure will always be the best musical episode. Diamond Tiara and everything about her. "They got their cutie marks" is disguised as this big event that it's really not. 3/10
Nothing happens: the episode It has to be some sort of achievement that Party Pooped is no longer the worst. Wait, that's not a positive. This is the first time I've ever said, "I want 22 minutes of my life back." 0/10
Hearthbreakers Maud is almost always a plus. So are the other Pies. Third act conflict comes the hell out of nowhere. Also, the first three minutes are spent giving exposition we can infer, backstory we've already known for almost four years, and obvious book joke. 4/10
Scare Master This one's moral is pretty personal and very enriching. Really wish I hadn't written this off as just another lame Fluttershy episode at first. All the same, it's still a Fluttershy episode that hasn't quite shaken off everything just yet. But you're getting there. 7/10
What About Discord? Did I laugh at any point during this episode? This is the first time Twilight has been 100% in the right with the episode acting as though she's the one who needed to learn a lesson. Here we have the writers once again ignoring the friendship cannot be planned. Again. This is gonna suck. 2/10
The Hooffields and the McColts Fluttershy. Kind of. Barely. Now the map is directing them to far off conflicts that have nothing to do with them. Great. 2/10
The Mane Attraction The venomous shade that is The Spectacle. Clunky exposition <-- This episode has it. In spades. 2.5/10
The Cutie Re-Mark I was thoroughly convinced that no episode could be worse than this one, but less than ten months later, I was proven wrong. It's like whoever "wrote" (read with very heavy teeth gritting) this garbage-fire made the active decision to do the exact wrong thing at every point in the script. 0/10

The Crystalling -- 3/10

The Gift of the Maud Pie -- 3/10

On Your Marks -- 7.5/10

Gauntlet of Fire -- 3/10

No Second Prances -- 2/10

Newbie Dash -- 1/10

A Hearth's Warming Tail -- 3/10

The Saddle Row Review -- 2/10

Applejack's "Day" Off -- 6/10

Flutter Brutter -- 6.5/10

Spice Up Your Life -- 3/10

Stranger Than Fan Fiction -- 3/10

The Cart Before the Ponies -- 2/10

28 Pranks Later -- 7/10

The Times They Are A Changeling -- 3/10

Dungeons & Discords -- 5/10

Buckball Season -- 6/10

The Fault in Our Cutie Marks -- 6/10

Viva Las Pegasus -- 0/10

Every Little Thing She Does -- 3/10

P.P.O.V. (Pony Point of View) -- 1/10

Where the Apple Lies -- 7/10

Top Bolt -- 3/10

To Where and Back Again -- 0/10

Episode Positive aspects Negative aspects Rating
Celestial Advice The conversations Twilight has with Celestia are a much more preferable alternative to characterizing Celestia than the grand scale "problems" of A Royal Problem. Apart from that though, this episode was boring.Most of the episode is really repetitive, with incredibly similar sequences happening after each other with almost no deviation. Also, I knew beforehand OC McNotice Me wasn't leaving (I read the summary for the next episode much like everyone else), but way to tease the departure of the show's worst character and then NOT go through with it. Speaking of which, OC McNotice Me. 3/10
OC McNotice Me Eats Pavement - Part 1 Actually laughed several times throughout the episode, mostly due to Trixie's new niche in the series. This episode's score would be much more positive if it weren't for the B-plot. Also, though I did enjoy it, they do sneak in more recaps of what OC McNotice Me did through Trixie. 5/10
A Flurry of Emotions Flurry Heart can be cute. Episode is mostly just same version of events happening repeatedly, this is the third time Twilight has been made to apologize after doing nothing wrong, who in the right mind takes an infant to a hospital room full of sick people?! 2/10
Rock Solid Friendship Maud always means a few laughs, episode actually improves upon Maud Pie in a few ways (such as how OC McNotice Me is not so shortsighted in her approach to becoming friends with Maud). Though she isn't shortsighted, the way she goes about it is pretty much just as stupid (kites). Also, OC McNotice Me. 2/10
Fluttershy Leans In I guess it deserves some credit for something somewhere. The best thing is that none of that sass from Fluttershy that was prevalent throughout S6 is found in this season, which is great, so FS is back to being the best of the Mane Six. Not that she wasn't during S6, since Twilight jumped off a cliff. I don't think Fluttershy was out of line. No, I think that these choices were stupid. An interior designer for a place with no interior. And so on. 2/10
Forever Filly Episode has some of the most childish dialogue ever. That's really the only thing that stands out because it's freakin' everywhere. 0/10
Parental Glideance Scootaloo, I actually thought the episode was pretty good up until Rainbow Dash was made out to be in the wrong for daring to commit the heinous crime of *gasp* advising her parents to back off a little. 2.5/10
Hard to Say Anything I just wasn't stimulated here. 0/10
Honest Apple This episode is actually fun to tear into the mechanics as to WHY it doesn't work, which is way more than I can say for any other S5-8 wreck, except maybe Canterlot Boutique. There is a lot to come to fill this box, and I will have fun typing it. 2/10
A Royal Problem Episode relies heavily on giving fans what they want to fulfill its aversion to telling a story. Conflict feels largely artificial, Twilight in the "hovering teacher" role, and once again, OC McNotice Me. Episode does not even tell us anything new about either of the princesses. 0/10
Not Asking for Trouble Laughed several times. Otherwise, it's just standard good. I dunno. Doesn't feel right to call this perfect. 9/10
Discordant Harmony There was a huge amount of entertainment to come from Discord this time around; (almost) every visual gag feels creative. I was immensely enjoying it right up until Fluttershy came in. At that point, it just spiraled into the same stilted and empty stuff we've seen before. 7/10
The Perfect Pear Only the perfect parts of a copy-and-paste relationship are shown for two characters that are dead, so it's not like they could develop it further short of time travel to bring them back to life. That right there is a perfect example of how I can come up with better ideas than the show right on the spot. 0/10
Fame and Misfortune The deflection that "change is gradual and not instantaneous" doesn't apply here when the change between the extremely damaged and mentally balanced happens withing a span of two weeks, and we never actually see it. So the episode is basically just bitterly stewing over criticism with very poor deflections. 0/10
Triple Threat Episode actually sold me on Ember's character (which I wan't sure about prior to this); Thorax was also a highlight. OC McNotice Me's here. Map feels like such a baffling add-on. Most of the "friendship problems" Spike encounters are so trivial and childish. Even the conflict itself is so. Hearing these two interesting supporting characters, and then hearing Spike freak out is just weird. 2.5/10
Campfire Tales Here's a comment I posted: "In a state where the show botches character interactions like you wouldn't believe (and has OC McNotice Me), having an episode where there are entire sections without character interactions (or OC McNotice Me) is oddly clever (not the OC McNotice Me part; that one's pretty much a given)." At the same time, not having anything to sink your teeth into is still not having anything to sink your teeth into. Though, admittedly, had this episode been made back when I first joined the fandom, I'd probably be all over it due to the headcanon fodder. Gotta love how Mistmane's friend is yet another OC McNotice Me. That's actually funny. The closest thing to praise that I can give this episode is the lack of OC McNotice Me, and then it still manages to have her in some way. When these episodes fail, they fail hard. 2/10
OC McNotice Me Eats Pavement - Part 2 I love Trixie. I never thought I'd ever say that. Designing the episode so that "Pharynx has a point!" was a really dumb move. That shouldn't have been an idea. In reality, the modus operandi of Thorax's rule is exactly the same as the rest of Equestria's and it worked out fine. Choosing the jerk to deliver the message about cooperation and security was a clear and obvious attempt to not outright go "the new changelings are a thing; get over it." Also, OC McNotice Me makes yet another terrible and dangerous decision and gets away with it. They keep shoehorning OC McNotice Me into every episode, but they don't do anything to make her a better character; they just make jokes about what a terrible person she is. 3.5/10
Daring Done? Manages to not bog itself down with the typical S5-onwards stuff, at least up until we get to the new location (can't remember what it's called). Actually feels mostly well-written. The moral about actions having consequences, even for good people, is something the show should be teaching outside this episode. Kind of boring honestly. I don't remember a single joke from this episode. All the same, the moral about actions having consequences just feels hollow considering what the show turned into, and the secondary moral about the meaningless meanderings about hope feel far more in line with the show's present day drivel. If you look back through this list, you'll notice that I don't share the fandom's screeching about "The Mane Six get away with everything!" during the early seasons (you can probably pinpoint what the episodes where that's common are), and the fandom doesn't seem to care anymore following a reformed villain facing outright social ostracizing, whereas for me, the show took a complete 180 in how well it was handling redemption arcs, so the fact that the episode's moral was put on a top 10 morals list (not that I'd disagree) just means that I do not get this fandom's backwards priorities. 7/10
It Isn't the Mane Thing About You This has two accomplishments. It is the first good solo Rarity episode. It's also the first episode to acknowledge OC McNotice Me's existence that is actually good. Episode really did not need to "checklist" the Mane Six; nor did it need to through the "this is why the obvious solutions will not work" with Twilight. 6/10
A Health of Information Keeps things to a simple quest and, as a result, does not have anything to screw up. Also manages to showcase Fluttershy being a normal human being without making jokes about it. Twilight's lack of concern for Zecora is very concerning. If that was it, I would have given this an easy 10/10. But this episode sneaks in a small acknowledgement of OC McNotice Me's existence with a picture of her on the mirror. Fluttershy looking for Twilight Sparkle S7E20 9.5/10
Marks and Recreation Who the hell came up with the idea to retread The Cutie Map of all things? Also, it would be less predictable had it come before Bloom & Gloom. 2/10
Once Upon a Zeppelin Flurry Heart can be cute. I think it's gotten to the point where I honestly can't be bothered to see the episode as anything other than just kind of there. Twilight is such a boring everyman when she's the main character in an episode that does not contain OC McNotice Me. 2/10
Secrets and Pies Applejack was perfection. Has the makings of a pre-S5 episode. 10/10
OC McNotice Me Eats Pavement - Part 3 I actually did not care about Sunburst prior to this. This episode is just everyone being better than OC McNotice Me, and it's great. OC McNotice Me 2/10
Shadow Play While I would normally accuse the episode of relying on continuity and world-building to make the fans happy and avoid having the need to tell a story... kind of works on me. I can't call this the worst/10
School Daze You know, I went into this one with the literal lowest of low expectations. I expected it to suck and suck hard. I expected it to supplant Forever Filly as the show's second worst episode. So imagine my surprise when this wasn't the garbage fire I was expecting this to be. The actual strength is the genuine friendship between the Young Six. Even Gallus and Smolder feel developed realistically in just this episode alone. All the same, the "call it friendship like any other show would" still exists among Twilight. OC McNotice Me still exists. Kinda wish the EEA rulebook slapped her into the water instead of the other way around. Because books can't drown. As well as the fact that she's wrong. I love how you can't even disagree with OC McNotice Me without being pro-racism now. 4/10
The Maud Couple Several long drawn out scenes of the same unfunny jokes just feels intentional by this point. They have to be aware of what they're doing. Mudbriar is not worth anyone's time. Pinkie is right. What OC McNotice Me demonstrates is not tough love, but rather neutral statements of fact. Actually, no one who uses tough love IRL actually says that they're using tough love; it's typically a sign of an abuser. Also, OC McNotice Me. 0/10
Fake It 'Til You Make It I was actually laughing at several jokes in the beginning, which is a step-up. Even after the episode lost me, it half regained me at the termination scene. The fact that the central focus of the episode -- Fluttershy trying different personalities -- completely lost me is a testament to just how weak the actual idea behind the episode is. You can spot OC McNotice Me here. 5/10
Grannies Gone Wild Rainbow Dash is the character who I feel the most sorry for post-Rainbow Rocks. Ghostly AJ had varying levels of laugh. Everyone's "Oh, that makes sense" reaction to finding out it was AJ's fault. First episode since Secrets and Pies (aka the last good episode) to not acknowledge OC McNotice Me's existence. Episode where character's fun is intentionally cut isn't actually that fun. We're just watching Rainbow Dash screw up, and that's about it. 5/10
Surf and/or Turf This episode lost me at trying to turn a separated parents allegory into some bizarre falling out. Also, why even have it be an allegory? Kids are the ones watching this, and they're the ones affected by it, so there's really no point in not saying it outright. It's not Lyra and Bon Bon for god's sake. Map's still a thing. Twilight's still... a thing... 0/10
Horse Play I dropped all the vitriol I wanted to in this comment, but what really made me hate the episode is that last thing I said. There were two episode leaked in their raw unfinished states that actively pissed me off, this and The Mean 6, and by this point, I have forced myself to sit through all of them a second time except this one. I think that speaks for itself. Also, freakin' OC McNotice Me just won't die. Yes, I put this beneath bullying apologia. 0/10
The Parent Map This is literally Parental Glideance again. I'm dead serious. Other people have braindeadly accused 28 Pranks Later of being a retread of TMMDW, but this is literally Parental Glideance again, only swapping out the show's current most sympathetic character with OC McNotice Me. 0/10
Non-Compete Clause This episode is going backwards. To the extreme. When I first watched the episode, I had no idea who the Young Six were (even got Smolder's gender wrong), and the one thing that got me to force myself to sit through this episode again is the thought that maybe now that I know who they are, they can serve as a bright spot. This was the last leaked episode that I finally rewatched (aside from Horse Play), and I instantly regretted it and want to purge my mind and vision of experiencing the characters who I came to like over the course of the opener being so generic. Also, I forgot to mention this under negatives for School Daze, but Skystar and the yak are annoying as hell. Yes, that was a mistake I just made. But I keep making that mistake whenever I'm orally talking about the opener, and I figured it would be too much of a hassle to correct myself all the time, so I just decided to roll with it. Now I'm making that mistake in typing. Great. 0/10
The Break Up Break Down It's just another stupid misunderstanding story. 0/10
Molt Down Spike got wings. Nothing else happened. Aside from ermagehrd cahntinoo-ity. Honestly, I think it's fitting that Suited For Success, a really bad episode, was the first one to reference prior episodes. Bad episode introduced an annoying trend. 0/10
Marks for Effort CMC are not the idiots faffing about like headless rubber chickens like everyone else is. Episode still does the modern day problem of friendship aggrandizing. Twilight's baseless assumptions, though overstated by certain users about how much of a problem they are, are still a problem nonetheless. OC McNotice actually gets an arc about her usefulness. 5/10
The Mean 6 Yet another stupid misunderstanding story. Hover over to find a combination of two comments I posted elsewhere. The fact that OC McNotice Me actually has fans means that people will like basically anything that jangles keys in their face. 0/10