Earlier today, I was trying to get on the Newbie Dash article. I was on The Perfect Pear, at the bottom with the episode table. I hovered the cursor over the "expand" button next to season five... then spent the next few seconds legitimately wondering what season it was from. Of course, I very quickly remembered, but really, these seasons are just that equal in mediocrity.

Also today, I was trying to recall what the CMC have done so far this season. I remembered a cold open where they ride a giant stone slab down a hill, pass by Starry Eyes, and come to a stop in front of some colt named Chipcutter, before encouraging him to design something from it, and he gets his cutie mark.

I'm not joking when I say that I did not remember which episode this was from.

There were three possible answers -- Forever Filly, Parental Glideance, and Hard to Say Anything -- and I remembered that the second one's cold open ended with SL being flung up to Cloudsdale(?), and all I remembered from the cold open of the third one was some joke about spies. I figured that it was probably from Forever Filly. Before promptly realizing that it wasn't even a cold open because I distinctly recall commenting that the cold open from the episode is full of screaming and crying from Sassy Scapegoat and the psychic marshmallow.