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  • I live in Hoofington
  • My occupation is Co-leader of the lunar republic because i believe luna shall rule in a good way
  • I am female
  • Goldrushthepegacorn

    I'v been resurching on princess luna for a little bit but my "'mane"' question is why she is diffrent looking now.

    Here's possible anserws:

    1. The creator wanted Luna to look more like Nightmare moon.
    2. She needed to look more frighting.

    That's the only anserws i got so far and kinda hard.

    but please reply to this blog last time only one pony anerwed my last blog,i dont know maybe beacause people took it the wrong way or they didn't want to reply so......i need anserws please. :)

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  • Goldrushthepegacorn

    I dont know why princess luna wan't at the gala....I mean was she grounded or she was locked in a closest

    I dont know.

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  • Goldrushthepegacorn

    Sorry this information was erased by the owner of this blog it was giving her a hard time.

    Please enjoy this video: its pinkie pie related you will like it.

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  • Goldrushthepegacorn

    The Legend of Gold Rush part 1

    Once the fine town of ponyville..Twilight was reading a book about old pony tales.

    title: Old myths and legends.

    Twilight read a chapter that caught her attention. The Legend of pure Gold.

    Once high in the sky there was a pegacorn named.......Gold Rush. She was the stongest,fastest,smartest of all things Harmony....

    As Twilight kept reading the words faded away more and more until the rest of the book was blank.

    Twilight found a one sentence on the back: "When a rainboom is formed there must always be a pot of Gold..........

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  • Goldrushthepegacorn


    September 2, 2011 by Goldrushthepegacorn

    well my heart is broken by a certain pony..................

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