Some of my ideas you all might like. Some maybe you won't. But either way here I go

My own worst enemy- When Trixie's magic and talent start increasing, She's excited. But when she thinks about her past misdeeds, She starts to wonder if she can even trust herself.

Forelegs of Iron- Bulk Biceps has been winning a yearly contest of feats of strength for years. But he might just have met his match when Applejack Enters the contest.

Super Dragon not quite Brothers- Spike and Garble team up to take on a bigger, more brutal more sadistic Dragon creep named Brutex. Along the way, Spike and gang see that Garble isn't quite as big a jerk as they thought he was, But see show He has in fact been on of the biggest fakers of all time.

Frenemy Please don't be mine- Starlight truly wants Twilight and Trixie to be each other best friends like they are with her. But their continuing clashing personalities plus Trixie's old resentments keep bubbling up. It soon becomes clear that in order to move forward with a friendship all the bad air has to be dealt with first.

Can't Choose Family- Just because Garble's Friends with Spike now, Does NOT mean he's friends with Ember. But when Ember's Father and Garble's mother start seeing each other, the two hot headed rivals must face the very real possibility that they might end up being related.

Love Wreck-tangle- Big Mac's the happiest he's ever been with Sugar Belle. But her other suitor's not about to take it laying down.

Fashion Smashing- When Rarity's latest line is sabotaged, Spike steps up to show the one responsible what happens when you mess with his number one mare.