Now. I'm Sure by now we all know about Spyro the Dragon's rebirth in Skylanders. The Video game that requires you by toys to play. Yeah I know a major money maker idea for Activision. But the story, Concept and characters are great. Spyro leads the Skylanders against the Evil Portal master KAOS. Now here is how this idea can work..

The Skylander Symbol of Magic.

the Skylanders powers are Magic, Undead, Life, Water, Air, Earth, and tech. The Skylanders symbol for magic is almost identical to Twilight's mark. Yeah I know a lot of symbols look like that, But Hey, Why not.

Skylands itself

In the story, The Skylands is the center of the universe and through the portals of Master Eon you can travel to any world in the multiverse. Now, Skylands species are a lot of mythical creatures. Including Unicorns and Dragons. so, What if it's actually where a number of Equestria's Species originated. Like Master Eon could be one of Celestia's teachers.


In Spyro/Skylanders canon, Purple Dragons are extremely rare and have the power to harness al Skylander Elements. And now comes another big point. Spike! Spike's a purple dragon and we have no idea where his egg actually came from. Think, why would Celestia give a purple dragon egg to Twilight, whose element is magic, unless it wasn't of significance. Plus you don't see any other purple Dragons in Equestria. Maybe Celestia got the Egg from Eon himself. This also gives spike a Chance to acsend, Be more than a Sidekick


If Evil gaines control of Skylands, Evil will rule all of creation. So for Chrysalis or Sombra, Why settle for Equestria, When you can have it ALL! Plus Kaos is such a great villain.

Realtionships and interactions

Spyro and Twilight's elements are both Magic. Whirlwind (Who is half Dragon half unicorn) Has rainbow and storm powers like Rainbow Dash. Plus their all looks when ponies see Terrafin in action. Spyro also has Encyclopedic knowledge like Twilight. Plus Even though Kaos is a moron his forces are more vicious than Changelings and and what ever else.