• Gray Pea Shooter

    Alicorn Twilight

    February 23, 2013 by Gray Pea Shooter

    I think it was crap.  Why do I think that? Well let me explain.

    This last episode felt completly rushed and out of place from most of the other season finales. Mostly because they didn't suck. The episode was way to short for starters. Having the end of the season be only 20 minutes long felt like a cop out. You would think it would be longer then that. Why I bring this is up is because the episode feels like it should of been longer. As we go from very happy to depressed, to fixing everything in a very short ammount of time. It just felt like there were so excited to make Twilight Sparkle a Alicorn. Just so they could make the toy. I know they were going to do that anyway but the episode could of at least been intresting. Im not going to sta…

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