I think it was crap.  Why do I think that? Well let me explain.

The Episode Itself

This last episode felt completly rushed and out of place from most of the other season finales. Mostly because they didn't suck. The episode was way to short for starters. Having the end of the season be only 20 minutes long felt like a cop out. You would think it would be longer then that. Why I bring this is up is because the episode feels like it should of been longer. As we go from very happy to depressed, to fixing everything in a very short ammount of time. It just felt like there were so excited to make Twilight Sparkle a Alicorn. Just so they could make the toy. I know they were going to do that anyway but the episode could of at least been intresting. Im not going to state my opinion on whether or not I like Twilight as a Alicorn because I don't want people busting down my door so lets just move on.

Alicorn genetics (How does an alicorn work?)

If you've seen the episode then you should keep reading this blog if you haven't then watch it RIGHT NOW before counting continuing. Alright now that I have that out of the way lets talk how this Alicorn thing works. So you become an Alicorn by understanding the meaning of friendship, ok I get that part but I was wondering how does this explain Princess Celestia and Princess Luna? I mean did they both go on enlightenment like quests to make friends? If so then who are these friends and were are they now? Speaking of Alicorns being born or something how do are you classfied as "younger" if your immortal? I mean logically your both Immortal so it doesn't matter. But in the context of the story it nevermind. Alright back to the top, so there is no real Alicorn "gene" its just a Unicorn learning the ways of friendship. But if this is true then what happens if a Pegasus does this is there a similar effect? Or is it just Unicorns? So can Earth Ponies not be Alicorns? Mabey Im looking to deep into this...or not. I don't understand any of this. The episode just throws us something completley out of nowhere and expects us to go with it. Ah cripes...

The muguffin of the starswearl the bearded spell

This perplexs me to the nth degree. How is it that Twilight figures out how to become an Alicorn (not realizing it) by just saving her freinds? I reallly think It should have been diffrent. Perhaps It could be a test from Princess Celestia to see if Twilight could handle reality changing disaster. Then she could of given her the book to see if she was ready to be an alicorn thus extented the story to a resaonable length.

Other stuff

  • I didn't like the songs because they were so close together that it felt like there was more singing then story. (thats just my opionion)
  • This definatly was NOT worth waking up at 11:00 PM to write.
  • I don't get it. Were are Celestias Friends??

Eh so thats what I thought of the new episode. Judging from just watching this episode I might assume the rest of season 3 is like this but luckly I saw the magical duel so I know that isn't true. Well Im off to bed. I'll check this blog post to see if anyone cared about its exiestance or not. Im just hopeing that this doesn't ruin the show for me.