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  • Green Sapphire the Crystal Gem

    Hey guys, I'm back with another interview today. Today I'm going to have another special pony of mine. She loves helping animals. She is very shy. She is the element of kindness. Ladies and gentlecolts, give it up for....


    [Fluttershy walks in and sits on the couch]

    Fluttershy: Hello everypony. I'm looking forward to answering your questions.

    Me: OK. Are you ready? Let the questions begin!

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  • Green Sapphire the Crystal Gem

    Hey. Um, I am kind of new to Ponyville and I don't know a lot of ponies around here. Can somepony tell me who the founder of this wiki is? I want to give them credit for what a nice wiki this is. Second, I have a question I want to ask him/her directly. If somepony can tell me that would be great and they would be on my Friendship list. Thanks!!!

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  • Green Sapphire the Crystal Gem

    Hello! This is my first "The Sparkling Bliss Show" and I'm hoping that I will be able to do more of these. How these work are pretty simple:

    1. You have a special guest pony (ex. Pinkie Pie, Derpy and maybe other characters like Spike the Dragon)

    2. You (other users) ask my guest questions and they will answer them truthfully. I will also interview them and ask them questions I  myself have. It is almost like a reality show starring me and my guest.

    3. Then after the 10th question, I will ask which pony/character you would like me to bring next. But I may have a few surprise/special guests, you never know!

    That is pretty much how "The Sparkling Bliss Show" will go. Simple huh? OK, time for "The Sparkling Bliss Show" to kick off. Here we go!!!


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