In case it was not already clear from my activity, I am taking a step back from the MLPFiM Wiki.

Due to the failure of one of my hands, the prospect of more winter travel, the welcome slack between seasons, the very conflicting choices of another Administrator, and a general need for some private reflection, I cannot bear to spend any more time here than I need to.

I am not vanishing, but do not expect much more from me than the fulfillment of my duties.

(Unless something major blows up again. Thanks to the conflicting choices aforementioned, there is some business here that I cannot simply walk away from in this strenuous time if any progress is to be made. If that business settles down, however, I will not be in any hurry to exert myself.)

This should only take a few weeks. Perhaps the first half of January.

See you later.

Update 1-13-2017: The MRI results are in. There is considerable damage and scarring within the ulnar nerve. Surgery is recommended but not urgently so.

Update 6-16-2017: The surgery is done. It was actually an aneurysm in my hand. I am recovering, and for now I retain the use of all five digits.

Update 6-27-2017: The stitches are out. No complications.