Welcome back, anonymous user. In my last blog, I tackled the origin and mythology of the royal pony sisters Celestia and Luna. It was a pleasant idea which revolved around the legacy of old tropes from the Romantic era of ballet theater. Today, however, I intend to discuss a far graver matter...

Recent evidence has come to light that implicates the Equestrian government in some particularly sordid business, and it has reached such a point that the authenticity of Princess Flurry Heart's big accident is called into question. It is common knowledge that the other princesses were hiding something at the event, and I intend to explore just what that was.

Canterlot has lied to us

Sweetie Drops explaining S5E9
"Tirek was a cover-up."
— Agent Foxtrot

Lord Tirek, who forcefully claimed all of the Alicorn magic in Equestria, was a cover-up. This comes from an official source, both in-universe and out-of-universe. Lyra and Bon Bon and the Mares from S.M.I.L.E. is the official text. Foxtrot, secret agent of the Kingdom of Equestria and representative of the interests thereof, is the official speaker. This is the truth: Tirek was a cover-up.

The significance of this statement must not be undervalued. Here is an incontrovertible statement straight from the horse's mouth that the Equestrian government has used such incidents as Lord Tirek's onslaught, the Breezie migration, and the return of Nightmare Moon to hide its guiltiest secrets from the good ponies of Equestria and at their expense to boot.

So, is it much of a stretch to wager that the Crystalling disaster is an incident of similar nature? Maybe not. There are other signs that the city-slaying storm was not merely a work of nature.

Something does not add up

Flurry Heart's booming wail S6E1

Consider the event which allegedly spelled the near-doom of the entire Crystal Empire: Flurry Heart, a mysterious Alicorn foal, the circumstances of whose birth the royal sisters are hesitant to discuss, shatters the Crystal Heart with the sound of her mere voice. However, there was absolutely no other damage done to the foal's surroundings. Odd, yes?

Ponies are mammals, so they have three-part ears, each complete with a malleus and incus. These ears are thus comparable to human ears, which are known to suffer immediate damage from sounds of 120 decibels (dB) or greater. In order to shatter a wine glass, a volume of at least 100dB is absolutely necessary. However, the Crystal Heart is not a hollow wine glass, nor was it merely shattered. It is a thick and magically powerful relic, and Flurry Heart's voice all but pulverized the invaluable instrument.

In order to do such extensive damage to the Crystal Heart, the foal must have reached a volume far greater than the 100dB required to shatter a glass that is A) not dampened, B) of a comparatively low resonance frequency, and C) structurally frail by nature. If the foal's voice were truly what shattered the Heart, then all of the other ponies should have been deafened. However, they were not.

Since none of those ten ponies suffered any hearing damage, one must conclude that Flurry Heart's voice did not reach such a dangerous volume. Ergo, she could not have reached a volume that would be sufficient to destroy the Crystal Heart.

In short, Alicorn wails can't melt break Crystal Hearts.

Filling in the blanks

The Friendship Express with the Crystal Castle in the background S6E2

Now that this fact is known, several important questions are raised: namely what broke the Heart and why the Heart was broken.

The first of these is easily answered: the four reigning Alicorn princesses, the entire monarchy, were at the scene. These mares move the heavens and shape ponies' hearts to their will. The two sisters in particular are known for subterfuge of this variety, and their presence in the empire long prior to Princess Twilight Sparkle's arrival means they had plenty of time to weaken the integrity of the Crystal Heart. Being the most powerful ponies in Equestria, they also had the magical means to do so.

N.B. Princess Luna is also capable of conjuring storms. She has done so on multiple occasions, particularly in Luna Eclipsed. Since she and her sister were in charge of repelling the resultant storm, it is especially probable that they staged the whole battle in order to force the evacuation of the city.

The question of why is complex. The monarchy obviously wanted the city evacuated in an orderly fashion, but the reason for the city's evacuation is a little murkier. Bearing in mind the probability that the storm and the evacuation were a cover-up for a graver matter, the best answer I can give is this: the plan was all meant to draw the changeling swarm out of hiding; and indeed, a changeling scout does appear over the Crystal Empire in the last few frames of the episode. With the Crystal Heart gone and the Empire empty, the city would be an ideal battleground for the ultimate defeat of Queen Chrysalis and her bugs. It appears that this plan was thwarted, however, when Sunburst appeared to repair the Heart before the changeling horde could arrive.

The militant Princess Luna could not have been pleased.

Wake up, sheeple (No offense to any sheep in the room)

Princess Luna did I miss S2E26

Luna did S6E1.

Eager to prove Equestria's military might and simultaneously eliminate Public Enemy #1, the princess of the night waited until the changeling swarm was up near the Frozen North. She used the convenient (or perhaps scheduled) birth of Flurry Heart to veil her temporary destruction of the Crystal Heart, that way she could evacuate the city and lure the changelings into a trap. Yet when the changelings arrived, the Heart had already been repaired by the unforeseen hero Sunburst. Consequently, they abandoned their attack, and Luna was forced to accept failure in silence...

At least until next time.

Also, the Mare Do Well is evil, Rarity is destined to leave the main cast, and Fluttershy is abused by Mr. Rainbow Dash. Enjoy your April Fools Day.