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With the events of the Hurt/Heal war drawing towards a close, it is appropriate to commemorate the deeds of the many who partook in the struggle to ensure the survival or demise of a multitude of ponies, changelings, draconequi, etc. For three months, numerous wikia users have dedicated their time, effort, and patience to their righteous missions, and the time has come to applaud these brave users for their tenacity and grant this experiment the upright conclusion it deserves.

To start, we will consider the numerous factions that formed over the course of the affair before moving on to individual users. These factions were formed in order to protect one or two specific lieges, and several of them accomplished remarkable feats as time went on.

Faction Awards

  • Certainly, the most obvious (and perhaps most enviable) award is one dealing with membership, specifically a vast membership. Of all the factions, only one utterly outstripped all the others in its numbers, and so The Lunar Republic is given the Mob Master Prize for outnumbering every other faction by a significant amount. Kudos to all of you who made up this mighty assembly.
  • Next, we should turn our attention to the alliances that were forged between one faction and another. These alliances turned an otherwise unorganized brawl into a war that was fought as much in quiet offices as it was on the front line. Therefore, we congratulate The Swarm for creating the longest lasting alliance in the entire three months of voting. Almost immediately after partisan activity began, Twilightsparkle101, now Computerpony, formed a faction with the intent of keeping Queen Chrysalis in the running. For its three-month long alliance with the Solar Empire, I present to the Swarm the Treaty Badge.
  • Unlike the Republic, there was one faction which had no need for numbers. In fact, it succeeded in securing a certain pony's safety with only one member (Daipenmon) involved. Thus I grant the title Army of One to The 'You're Going to Love Me' Army.
  • Also, one faction in particular acquired so many alliances that at one time that it became completely unable to attack without violating one of its many agreements. This faction almost crippled itself via overstretch when the likes of the Rebels reared their heads. Nevertheless, its extensive influence enabled it to have a profound effect upon the vote. For this reason, I grant the Superpower award to The Solar Empire.
  • Finally, there is one faction that upheld a policy of utter neutrality for a lengthy span of time and refused to fire a single shot at any pony. Although it was forced into the war eventually due to escalating tension between the two largest factions, it still did little to harm anyone. Therefore, The Crystal Empire is awarded the Pacifist Prize for its adherence to nonviolence.

Individual Awards

I intend to keep this section brief since more than sixty voters participated in the vote. Nevertheless, each of these users is deserving of some form of praise.

Bluelighting receives the following:

  • Lunar Remnant for keeping the goals of the Republic alive even when Princess Luna fell and when the leader of the movement seemed to have given up

Dragonfufu receives the following:

  • Cutie Mark Blockader for eliminating the young trio all at once

EHAN receives the following:

  • Wagon Train for leaping at more bandwagon-attack opportunities than any other voter

EpicLuna123 receives the following:

  • Trendsetter for creating the first faction post
  • Night-Light for directing the largest faction seen in Hurt\Heal

Filly Please receives the following:

  • Rabble-Rouser for inciting a multitude of nonaligned mob assaults

Guildmaster Grovyle receives the following:

  • A Great Secretary for exactly what the name implies, according to Berry Punch
  • Machiavellian for being a moral foil to The Candlekeeper and being a general opportunist
  • Bargain Hunter for sitting down to negotiate with Santamew in person
  • Most Stressed Award for losing countless hours of sleep trying to secure votes for Celestia
  • Element of Generosity for managing an award ceremony
  • Royal Pain for (temporarily) securing an alliance with the unpredictable Order of Chaos

ILoveFluttershy / Berry Punch receives the following:

  • Dignitary Swag for securing the first and most permanent alliance in the history of the blog; also for promoting the idea of the Changeling Swag Swarm
  • Lunar Eclipse for eliminating the Princess of the Night

Jorge Esquivel receives the following awards and titles:

  • (Semi)Hardcore Mercenary for selling votes to the Solar Empire and being a thoroughly hardcore soldier of fortune; it's too bad Jorge's mother won't let this behavior continue

Lasse200 receives the following:

  • Relentless Assault for leading the charge against Discord despite orders that directed otherwise

Meester Tweester receives the following:

  • Mightier than the Sword for penning interviews with the contenders and the only known H\H fanfiction
  • Temple Late for creating the exalted (and dreaded) voting templates

Michael Ramsey receives the following:

  • Snowstorm for leading the movement to defend Snowdrop

Mistmane receives the following:

  • Opposition Hero for countering more votes than anyone else, possibly by mere coincidence

My Little Pony receives the following:

  • Confidential Confidant for assisting the Solar Empire as a secret agent hidden amongst the independent crowd and devising a system of code phrases to ease communication between operatives

Nihi the Brony receives the following:

  • Philharmonic for ensuring the musicians' safety for an impressive span of time

Prince Doopliss / OctaviaMelody1995 recives the following:

  • Taskmaster for rebuking users that abused the template for purposes unrelated to the contest
  • Enlightenment for a revolutionary movement that cried out for the restoration of free will and autonomy

Roadside Picnic receives the following:

  • Double or Nothing for posting the most gif files of any user, often with two in one post
  • Anime Enthusiast for posting the most Anime pictures and gifs

Santamew receives the following:

  • V for Vindicatory for meting out retribution for Grovyle's actions

Sentrakk receives the following:

  • Zone of the Enders for ardently advocating the termination of the game

ShadowPirateX receives the following:

  • Bradslayer for eliminating Flash Sentry; there was much rejoicing
  • Party Pooper for waging a war against Pinkie Pie

SirCyrilFlash receives the following:

  • Final Curtain for eliminating the Great and Powerful Trixie

Supertonicmortals receives the following:

  • Lead Singer for a musical attempt to rally support for Rarity
  • Rare Lover for staying by Rarity's side, no matter how overwhelming the opposition was

The Bunker Guy receives the following:

  • Most Humorous Voter for being the most humorous voter... thus says Bluelighting
  • The Butter Award for... something to do with gold
  • Friendly Foe for being the most optimistic user over getting enemies
  • The Neverending Story for leading the movement to keep the blog alive
  • Infamous for leading the attempt to overthrow the Equestrian government

The Candlekeeper receives the following awards and titles:

  • Master of Masters for keeping the original blog alive in the first place and continuing its upkeep
  • The Shrek Wazowski Award for Most Off-Putting Appearance for the use of many unnerving avatars
  • Clockstopper for halting the forum that might have closed the blog early
  • Fahn-atic for never losing sight of the playful side of the vote
  • Hero of Applemattox Courthouse for eliminating Applejack and finally ending the war.
  • DigiDestined for posting more Digimon images than any other user
  • Sunkeeper for getting Celestia through Hurt\Heal alive
  • Armed and Decorated for receiving the most awards - 200 points

UglyTurtle receives the following awards and titles:

  • Grand Marshall for leading the charge against the Lunar Republic, a seemingly invincible army
  • May the Best Pet Win for being best the pet voter

UnknownProdigy receives the following:

  • Tigerclaw for deserting from the Lunar Republic and starting three new factions afterward
  • Savior of Chaos for sustaining Discord's anarchy despite fierce opposition (100 points..?)

It's not over yet...

This list is incomplete as long as there is more to be said. If you believe someone deserves an award for some achievement of his/hers, leave a comment to suggest it. Once activity starts to die down, a conclusion will be added to the end of this post.

Edit: Here we go.

"I think that this just drove everyone crazy. But at the end, I'm still Jorge."

-Jorge Esquivel

"What a ride it was, eh?.. How to explain Hurt/heal: It's the most disorderly amazing, epic way to make new friends and maybe more frienemies, or maybe just enemies."


"It definately was fun and it helped spark friendships. If it weren't for Hurt and Heal I wouldn't have as many of the friends as I do now."

-The Bunker Guy

"Friendships were made, everbody's seen that, and indeed, that's magical. But there were enmities, too, and that is a part I largely remember; the grief it brought that weighs heavily upon my heart."

-The Candlekeeper

"It was fun while it lasted. No doubt about it."


"Every difference of opinion is not a difference of principle... We are all Solars; we are all Lunars."

-Guildmaster Grovyle
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Thank you, everyone.