MLP Annual 2014 Power Ponies

The Exposition

Well, most if not all of us have seen the episode Power Ponies, right? It's an unusual episode thematically. Some love it, yet some hate it. I myself was unimpressed by much of it. But that's not what this blog is about. This is about the mysterious comic book store from which Spike buys the enchanted comic. You'd think they'd take the word "enchanting" seriously in Equestria, but I won't judge. Anyways, the issue is that Spike looks away from the comic for a few seconds. It then ups and disappears, leaving no trace of-

  • The comic book appears in front of anonymous user.

Well, speak of the devil.

  • The comic book proceeds to suck this wiki into its cruel, unfeeling pages.

Now that's just... Holy haystacks, anonymous user! You (or rather your OC) are a Power Pony!

The Explanation

So... here we are at the guildmaster's first blog game, if you can call it that. Now that your pony has been whisked into a world of heroes, villains, sidekicks, and butlers, what is he/she like? Some of us have already "super-powered" our OCs (I can name three), but what does that really mean?

And who are you, dear character of anonymous user?

Are you a terrifyingly rich vigilante whose dark past and thirst for justice drive you to beat down criminals with your martial supremacy? Perhaps a friendly neighborhood web-slinger? A police commissioner? That epic butler?! The possibilities are just about endless.

For this blog, I invite you to post what you believe your OC's powers would be and also who he/she would be. Feel free to draw inspiration from comics themselves, whether they be Marvel, DC, or whatever third company invented Hellboy. And if you feel up to a challenge, go ahead and make some artwork. If this gets popular enough, I'll make a chat-based RP group founded upon this idea. After all, the city of Maretropolis is still in the middle of a crime wave.

Ah, and I almost forgot. Welcome to the JLE.

EDIT: CK offered to set up the RP in my stead, so it has taken the form of a blog post. It may be found here.

The Example

FANMADE Golden Age S4E6

Hero: Goldfin

Secret identity: Golden Age

Powers: Marine telepathy, adaptation to inhospitable underwater environments, agile swimming, trident mastery

Inspirational character: Aquaman (Lame. I know.)

Description: The Pelagic Protector of Ponykind received her powers after a dive with an irradiated whale shark. She lives alone in the penthouse of the Apricot Building by Maretropolis Harbor, whence she watches over the wharf and observes the shady dealings that the gangs carry out there. Smugglers of all types have learned to fear the arrival of Goldfin, who knows no clemency for those who would defile the pier with their sordid affairs. With her trident and her fishy minions, she wields the might of the ocean against the forces of evil. Although she does not bring much to the JLE, her ability to ambush her quarries from the watery depths is handy at times. Also, the giant octopus is a plus.