• Gummygugugaga

    I am coming close to my 2 month mark on the wiki and I know that it is not a lot but I am really enjoying my time here and I hope others are too.  I have made so many friends here that have the same interests as me and that are great to talk to.

    I have learned how to do CSS and I am currently learning how to use MediaWiki but I thank people like Cod4 and Halo for what they have done and for helping me graspe how to do it all.

    I am not gonna link to all my friends user pages but here is a list of all the wonderful people I have met so far whether it is on the forums,talk pages, blogs or chat they are really great friends.

    The Toxic






    Juan The American Brony

    Moonshine Stars

    Banana Republic



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  • Gummygugugaga

    I am looking for codes and cool things to add to my user page.  Any ideas?

    Also this could help anyone that looks at this blog and not only me so by writing some tips you are benefiting everyone.

    Thank you!!!

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  • Gummygugugaga

    If you could pick whether you want to be a unicorn, pegasus or earth pony.  Do not say Ailocorn because seriously who would not want to be one.   

    I am really curious to know this.  I would create a poll but I don't really know how to so just comment your thoughts below.

    I will start us off:

    I would want to be a pegasus because they have wings and they get to live in Cloudsdale.

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