I'm not very good with fan fics, but I might have this idea I might wanna use. It's about how the world is in hell. Humanity is at the peak of being gone. Political issues such as economics issue, war issues, job issues, travel issues, etc are all over the place. A major war is happening to all nations of the world. Riots are starting, people are dying, the government is failing. Meanwhile in Equestria, Twilight Sparkle and the rest of the gang are told to travel to Earth by Princess Celestia to help out after Celestia saw what Earth is going on right now. The main human character is Dave Gravel. A 65 year old Man who served in the Vietnam War. He is a very smart man who helps Twilight telling Humanity about what they done. This Fan fic shows how the world can be in hell, and how friendship can do a thing to try to make world peace. P.S: I try to work on it. I'm not sure. Also, my grammar kinda sucks So I work on that for a while. Since I'm bored, I try to begin the story like this

July 4,1779. Declaration of Independence is Signed. U.S declare indepedence from Great British.

April 12,1861. American Civil War Started. The Union and Cofederate begin to fight

September 1, 1939. The Beginning of World War 2.

(This is just a idea. I am going to add more important events than the story starts)

September 2, 2015. Ponies from Equestria first arrive on Earth.

I am tired, so this is just a idea. Sure it might suck, but I love to take opinions.