Hello, Haedman here. So ONCE AGAIN, another response to Equestria Girls. YAAAY! So, I'm bored so my response which no one cares about on Equestria Girls.

To anyone who dosen't know what Equestria Girls is, That give you all the information you need.

So when Equestria Girls first started, I was like um this might be interesting. Well from what I heard, the average response was NEGATIVE! I was neutral, and wanted to wait to see it to judge it myself. So ba ba, then I realized that it's not going to be a show, but a movie. I thought that this movie was just going to be a straight to DVD movie like how most cartoons do with movies.

So later on, I saw the plot of Equestria Girls. My initial reaction was like this.

When a crown is stolen from the Crystal Empire, Twilight Sparkle pursues the thief into an alternate world where she transforms into a teenage girl who must survive her biggest challenge yet... high school. ysxkQYi.gif

So yes, I started to become negative of Equestria Girls. I knew it was going take place in high school, but a crown stolen! The plot didn't make me happy at all. Well anyways, I started to realize that Equestria Girls is targeted for all ages. Besides Men, little girls want to watch this. The plot reminds me of something a little girl will enjoy so I decided to not be very negative and continued to think.

I looked at some of the reactions, and I laughed a lot. 

So flashing forward, I saw the trailer. Needless to say, it brought my scale from a bit negative all the way to the neutral point. I liked the animation, and I have noting wrong with the design. My only complaint is that I believe the main villain isn't going to be an interesting one. I believe the main villain is going to be unoriginal.

Reaction to Equestria Girls

Such a priceless reaction

Equestria Girls Trailer01:09

Equestria Girls Trailer

Equestria Girls Trailer if you want to watch it.

So ba ba ba, this is where my blog ends. I might add something if I want to post something out. So in the end, I think I fully judge my reaction and learn to accept what Hasbro is doing since they are trying something new. However, I find the high school plot cliche in my opinion. So I stand neutral waiting to judge Equestria Girls like how I judged Magical Mystery Cure. I apologize for my past negative response to Equestria Girl.

Wait hold up, one last thing to say. Selected theaters. OH Hasbro you son of a (word shall be replace with the word Sandvich).

P.S: My grammar sucks. It always have been.