From Hasbro studios comes a sequel to one of the best movies of all time.

    Equestria Girls 2:College Years    


When something happens back in the human world. Twilight must go back to the human world, and experience one of the dangerous challenges in her life, College. Watch as Twilight meet all her friends again, and tries to see what the hell is going on that's dangerous in the human world.

Description of the movie

Well. It's a bit more interesting, a bit more exciting, a bit more perfect, a bit more crazy, a bit weirder, a bit more chaos, a bit more cooler, a bit more for older audiences, a bit more realistic, a bit more revolutionary. All in a 2 hour length movie.

Rated R for Drugs, Strong Lanuauge, Stuff that people learn then they are older, Adult Humor, Distrubing scenes, and many more. 

Major scenes

One major scene includes Twilight drinking Alcohol. She drinks beer, and goes Super mohawk sayian. BEER MAKES people go super MOHAWK SAIYAN, then Twilight gets drunk.

Super Mohawk Saiyan


Another Major scene includes Twilight and her friends having a super rave disco party. 


Early Reviews

10/10-Too perfect for the world-IGN

ASDFGGH-Nostaglic Critic 

This movie is so bad that (insert so many curse words)-Angry Video Game Nerd 

Why did Hasbro make this-Random Youtuber

Oh no, OH NOOOOOOO-Jontron


0/10-Too much Twilight-Filly Please

I love it-Random Anon 

This movie is perfect in every way-/mlp/ 


Oh man, I am so excited. This movie is going to win so many Grammys, and Saturn awards