If you can stay in Equestria for a week. What will you do? 

Mane 6 and Spike

I show Twilight Sparkle her hate for being an alicorn, and call her OP 

I give Applejack a pear and say Pears are better. Nah just kiddings, apples are better.

I hug and pet Fluttershy to no end 

I tell Rarity to make dresses and dresses accesories 

I introduce Pinkie Pie to rave parties and cocaine

I get on Rainbow's lap, and call her my Stead. 

I make Spike ma bro, and we both have adventures dawg

I show them all the internet, and fan art about them and fan fics and fan music and fan everything. 


I tell Appleblooms to buy some Apples

I tell Scootaloo that there is a chicken joke about her

I award Sweetie Belle for dictornary of the year 


I call Celestia very phat, and tell her that she's lazy

I give luna a gaming pc, xbox 360, ps3, and wii 

Villains and past Villains

I tell Discord to come back to Earth, and become a comedian

I tell Trixie to go (insert words not good for blogs)

I tell Gilda to blow up

I give Queen Chrysalis a copy of Aliens and invander of the body snacthers. 

I laugh at King Sombra's horn.

So that's about it. What will you do if you can stay in Equestria for a week.