Unfitting Music is unfitting! 

HERP DERP HUEHUEHUEHUE. I finally watched Equestria Girls, and let me tell you. I might state my opinion on this cartoon movie made for little kids, and not grown adult. Nah, it's for all ages. Also, TONS OF SPOILERS G Warning: This blog is going to have horrific grammar, and random moments. If you are not a fan of these elements, THEN TOO BAD! 


So ba ba ba Sunset Shimmer is a former student of Princess Celestia who basically appears out of nowhere, and steals Twilight's crowns that do stuff. So Twilight chases down the Mother hoofer and she enters a window. When Twilight arrives to the window, she sees that Sunset Shimmer is missing. So Ba ba ba Celestia tells backstory and ba ba ba ba 30 moons and ba ba ba Twilight enters the portal to get her freaking Crown back. When she arrives, she sees that she enters the Human World. Also, Spike entered portal with her. (Why can't our world have windows like that. I want to go Equestria, drink apple cider, give spike a bro fist, and attend a rave party) Anyways, ba ba ba Twilight and spike sees Canterlot High, and ba ba ba she has a hard time adapting to High School (We all been there).  So basically, Twilight of course  breaks down into song like she always do HERP DERP HUEHUEHUE. But anyways, she some of the mane 6 but in human form. Ba ba ba, she goes to a library, and Holy crap. Computers, Sweet G, I need to give them this link ( So basically, Sunset shimmer is a jerk with Snips and Snails aka Dumb and Dumber. The Two suddenly grab their 400 dollars Iphone, and records Twilight trying to use a CPU aka Computer. Meamwhile, the CMC are on YOUTUBE listening to their music video which sucks a lot. So basically, Sunset Shimmer uploads the video on youtubez, and it gets millions of view. In fact, it got more views than Gangnam Style Dawgz. So Twilight became a fool. Everyone is laughing at Twilight and stuff, so then ba ba ba she meets Rarity. Ba ba ba, the mane 6 fight, and Twilight sees this. She stops le fight, and ba ba ba tells them that they are all tearing each other apart. So basically, they managed to all get along. So they need to find a way to get everyone to vote for Twilight to become a princess of Canterlot High's Dance. So the only way to get people's trust is do SING OF COURSE. So they all got into the cafeteria and began to sing. (Just like High School Musical, except it dosen't suck) So basically, everyone loves Twilight just because of a song. (Hasbro Logic) So ba ba ba, they all get ready for the dance, and Sunset Shimmer ruins the dance floor of course. (Jerk) So once again, they all break into song (Dayum!) and cleaned the gym. So ba ba ba, later on. Twilight told her friends what she really is. Spike also talks, and inb4 rarity screams "IT CAN TALK." Suddenly, Pinkie Pie knows this already since she's Physic, and breaks all laws of 4th walls and logic. Then ba ba ba. Meanwhile, Brad and Twilight start to fall in love (OH GOD). Then, the dance happens, and everyone starts dancing. Sunset Shimmer then tells her two Loonies to kidnape Spike, and ba ba ba she gets the magical crown. Suddenly, she becames a winged devil ( Then, suddenly. Magic can appear on Earth (Meanwhile, a man in Kuwait is raging due to this) and Twilight and her friends suddenly grow tails, wings, and pony ears. So basically, the mane 6 KICKED SUNSET"S FLANK HARD. Then, everything is saved, and Sunset shimmer is back to normal. She apologizes because she dosen't know the meaning of friendship (Remind me of Discord). Then they all dance again, and Brad and Twilight get in on the dance floor by shaking their booties to the funky beat. Finally, Twilight and Spike returns back to Equestria, and the day is saved. Also, a new guard named Flash Sentry arrives, and Twilight Bluses. Then the Credits roll, and the day is saved by the powerful girls. Oops, wrong show.


Twilight "I have no idea!" EG

Twilight Motherhoofing Sparkle with her pimp Dog Spike

Twilight Sparkle:

I like Twilight Sparkle in this movie. She was interesting. However, at times she was being a bit of a goof, but that dosen't bother me. 

Fluttershy big smile EG

That Face, THAT FACE


Nothing much to say She was in character of course. Animal lover, and shy person. I just hope she dosen't join PETA. 

Balloon deflating in Pinkie's face EG

Ballons son

Pinkie Pie:

Of all the characters, Pinkie Pie wasn't my favorite mane 6 in this movie. I do like how she just knows everything, but the way she acted to the mane 6 earlier. it kinda bothered me. 

Applejack wiping away sweat EG

Apple Cider, and Apple Cider, and Apple Cider


She was alright, in character of course. 

Rarity at the lunch table EG



Rarity personaliy I loved in this movie. She was so in character, and well I just enjoy seeing her in this movie.

Rainbow Dash playing soccer EG

I won because I"M AWESOME

Rainbow Dash:

I won because I'm awesome. Rainbow Dash Like percent meter:

100% to 50% 

Dog Spike annoyed EG

Woof Woof


Spike is my favorite character in Equestria Girl. A turkish man told me that he has common sense, and yes he does. He is the cool dog in this movie, and everyone loves him because he's a dog. Dogs: 1. Cats: 0 

Princess Sunset Shimmer third year EG

Don't even make that face again. EVER

Sunset Shimmer:

Personality, Sunset Shimmer is awful. She's lame, bland, and just urgh. Generic (insert word I can't post) is Generic. 0/10. At least she's better than Sombra. If I have the chance, I punch her in the godamn face! 

Flash Sentry crop

I call him Brad

Flash Sentry:

Generic guy who is Twilight's love interest. I hate to be honest. I don't mind Flash Sentry. In fact, I might want to see his pony counterpart again maybe in an episode. And also, "grabs shield." I might as well use them to protect myself from hate I might receive. 

Animation, Design, and Music 

Well, the animation is awesome of course. However, the designs. Everyone is multi colored.



Suddenly, Equestria Girl reminds me of Doug with its Design

Seriously, it does


The music is just amazing. I enjoyed it because it gave me that mood to dance. Here, lets post a video. Damn, I can't post a video since it isn't working. I just post the URL


Well, so what's my opinion on this movie? I can't believe I'm saying this, but  but but I like this movie. 


Yes, I like this movie. The plot was indeed cliche, but I enjoyed the character, script kinda, music, and animation. This movie I can't really consider great, but it was good. However, I need to point out some flaws.

The Villain sucks, and some characters do get out of character at times. Also, the movie felt a little rushed. I wished it was longer, but well yeah. Well then, I just post random stuff before I give my Verdict. 

DJ Pon-3 eyes revealed EG

Too Much FanService. GG, not enough pylons. Zerg Rush

So much Fan service. I wonder how bronies reacted to this. 


Seriously Hasbro. Just just "Dead"

Dear Princess Celestia, who ever made these design should be sent to the moon for the rest of his or her life. From the entire brony community


So in the end.

Story-6/10 Eh, not the best



Message-5/10. Eh, it wasn't so good

Design-7/10. Odd, but it's ok

Imagery-3/10 It's very cliche

Script-7/10. It's alright

So I rounded up the numbers, and it became 6.7, but I did enjoy it for a reason. so my final verdict.

7/10. It is a good Hasbro movie in my opinion, but it isn't their best movie.

Final thing to say. I'm getting my bubble shield since I am going to get hate for a poorly written blog by haters

Here we go again

Of course

Bubble shield

I have my Shield, I'm prepared!