Warning: my grammar isn't the best so I apologize. Also, it's ok to disagree with me on this review since this is a personal point of view. Also, unfitting music is best.

Mobile game loading background

MLP Mobile Game

So it's been about 8 months since the MLP FIM app game has been release for IOS and Android. Is the app still fun to play to this day? Well lets find out.

A little backstory

For those who don't know, the MLP FIM App game is a game for IOS and Android that was release on November 8, 2012. It was license by Hasbro and develop/publish by Gameloft. To those who don't know Gameloft. Gameloft is a video game company located in Paris, France that develop and publish mobile video games. On June 2012, Hasbro and Gameloft announced a licensing partnership. (Thanks Wikipedia for giving me this information). After the announcement, Hasbro and Gameloft created one of the MLP FIM's first video games for mobile phones.


Basically the plot is kinda like the first two episodes of My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic. However, Nightmare Moon casts a dark shadow that empties Ponyville, and it's up to Twilight to rebuild Ponyville. She also has to recruit her friends, and use the Elements of Harmony to defeat Nightmare Moon. In the end, Nightmare Moon is defeated with a very lame ending and Ponyville is saved.

Nightmare Moon "then you also know why I'm here" S1E1


Well, if this plot was used in a video game for a gaming system, I would hate it. However, since the game is free and it's on mobile, I let it pass.


So what about the gameplay? Well it's simple. Build buildings, earn money, buy stuff such as more buildings and ponies, play mini games, and complete quests offered by the mane 6 or Spike. Now, what do I think about the gameplay. It's boring and time consuming. All you do is just build buildings, wait for ether 1 minute to almost 24 hours to just earn some few cash, play some mini games, and buy ponies. Well there are the quest, but they are usually boring and time consuming. Now I want to talk about the mini games. I really hate how there are only 3 mini games (Not including the fourth one found in the update). I want more of a variety than just apple bucking, bouncing a beach ball with a pony's face, and flying to collect joins. If you're not patient, then don't even bother getting this game. You be waiting for a long time for buildings to be built, or ponies to arrive. Also, you have to collect elements of harmony medals or whatever you call them. Some can be easy to get (Pinkie Pie's Cutie mark medal), but some can be a pain. THAT's right Element of Magic, I'm looking at YOU! A big hassle in this game is leveling up your ponies. A pony has 5 stars to level, and you must play a mini game with your ponies to level them up. Only problem, it takes a while for them to get ready, and it gets boring after a while.When you start, you be given a small amount of land to build stuff on it. Over the course of time, you can earn more money to buy more land. The more land you buy, the more the prices increases. However, buying land isn't just going to give you the land to build stuff on it since there's something blocking the area. It ether be a rock, or a tree, or well.

Parasprites see Rainbow Dash S01E10

Nicknamed them Flying Demons from Hell


Parasprites will take over a part of your land, and you need to use the correct element of harmony medal to their corresponding color to get rid of this. However, these little assholes will keep spawning, and most of the time. They are usually the color purple which requires the element of Magic Medal. I given up on Ponyville since these abominations basically swarmed my town. 

Now the biggest flaw in this game is trying to complete the game. Why is that some people say. Well in order to beat the game, you need certain ponies and buidlings. However, some of these certain buildings and ponies don't use bits. Instead, they use hearts and gems. Hearts are earned from friends when they enter your town and leave a chest. Hearts can be a hassle to gain if you don't have any friends on your Gameloft account (Forever alone). However, you can easily get hearts if you have a ton of friends. Now GEMS however! OH boy, where do I even begin. Collecting gems is the worst part of the entire game. Why is this. Well, I made an entire list of why I hate collecting gems.

1. Gems are kinda rare, and it takes a while just to find like 2-4.

2. Some quest requires you to spend a certain amount of gems which will take forever

3. In fact, you can't even beat the game unless you get gems. 

4. Gems can be easily earned in a different way, but it requires the player to spend real currency on them. 

5. The prices for these ponies and buildings are downright horrible and expensive. 

In fact, I couldn't even beat the game since Soarin is about 250 something gems, and I only have 9 because I bought Rainbow Dash. (It took me 5 months just to get her). 

Quiz gems

Gems: Number one reason to quit the game

Experiences with this game

I hate to be honest, I was addicted to this game when I first downloaded it. However, over the course of 2013, I got very bored of this game. Why did I get bored? Due to my lack of gems, I gave up on it. It just take forever for me to beat the damn game. Is there anything you like about this game? I do like some things about this game. I like the background music, the amount of ponies there are (however some of these pony names are horrible), and the voice acting. Besides that, I can't find anything really fun about this app.


I could cover the updates, but I choose not to. Why is that? It's because I want to review the game when it was first released. I want to see how it was like before these major update affected the game. So sorry fans, I won't discuss about the Canterlot Wedding update.


So in the end, I did not enjoy this game. I'm sorry for my bad grammar and for not liking the game MLP fans. This is one of my first video game reviews I made in a long time, and I apologize for not mentioning some of the things found in the MLP. Mostly the reason why I didn't mention some things is because I forgot about them. So my final score for this game is about


It's boring and time consuming with people might having to require to pay real money just to complete the game.

Thank you and have a good day.