Okay, I been here for a while so I can tell you my somethings about the chat. Okay, I like the wiki, we got nice people, nice things to talk about, and we are a Pg chat so that is good. Of course I get in trouble but hey, it is just a simple mistake. To people who think this chat is evil if they got banned or blocked. It is your fault, not ours, you cause that upon on yourself and should think about your actions. Anyway, I like this chat and I made a lot of friends here. Some people might not like me but I don't hate on others and I try to be a good person. Simple mistakes is the thing I have to work on. Ha, we even don't talk about ponies much in the chat. Anyway, I have a lot of friends here and I can name some. Lets see, if anyone is reading this. I am giving a shout out to all the mods and admins. Also to some of my favorite friends like Alana, Soccer, Cave, and even more. My favorite mods here are Well all of them but the ones I like the most are ether Oneforseven or Ocredan. My favorite admins which are all of them but Foodbandit and Jonny Manz are the best to me. By the way, sorry for all I done in the wiki but mostly for that stupid prank. Well, I wish I can meet you in real life and give you all hugs. Thank you for making me happy. I don't care how many comments this blog gets.