Ok, I been here for 2 months so I wanna give a review of this wiki. It has a lot of good things but we have minors errors. Let began why it got that reviews.


Articles: The edits are good. If you want to know about the show if you're new, then you get the right amound of info. It does have some grammar mistakes but most of the times, they are changed. All I say is that you get the right amount of info!

Blogs: Blogs are usaully fun but some can be a little dumb but I like most of them. I can't complain because I'm writing one right now.

Photos: You get the right amout of photos. That is all I say

User Profile:

Okay, I cover the basics. Time to cover the the User Profile.

Avatar: I like how you can choose any avatar but it can't be really bad like gore or sex. I already seen enough crap on the avatars already.

Main Profile: Its easy to make a page about you but if you wanna add pictures not from the show. Do FANMADE when you rename it or else, it won't work

Talk Page: It's pretty much the same things main profile.


Okay, the chat is a different story. It can ether be Fun or totally werid. I shall began:

Normal users: I like the normal users. Some are cool like Ididn't, Gumball, Sweet, Alana, Kool, Cavejonson and many more. Most Normal users are nice but sometimes, they can annoy you. If you like to chat, then go to the chat.

Troll encounters: We do managed to deal with them but sometimes. they manage to troll so much and not get kicked. Don't worry though, trolls usually don't come here

Mods: Ok, Mods, well Mods are good. They can be strict but get used to it. Mods try to make sure that the chat is in order. If it won't for them, the chat will be HELL! Now Let me point out some mods I like. Ocredan:Good mod, nice mod, you love him. OneforSeven: It depends on him. He can be strict sometimes but he is doing his job. Cata: ok Cata makes me laugh a lot. Love this guy. Gin: Very Very nice. Mysterious Force: Ok, Ok, Force I love to bother. He is a good mod so I bother him. Besides, he did something to me which wants me to get my revenge on him. Jonbuddy: We make good friends. EquZephr: Very Very mature. I like his style Lasmoore: He can make me mad but Its ok.

Admins: Admins are pretty good. They can be mean but Admins are so busy. They have to make tons of edit which can make them grumpy and tired. They help this wikia! I am gonna point out some admins now. Jonny: I do talk to him all the time. Food: laughs at everything, no wonder like he's awesome. Bluesir: I do like how he does his job. Blues, I know you are reading this. You're happy that I change my review. MLW: she can be strict but she is doing her job. Kinglazy: Oh god why, Wait, He is funny but still. Oh god why, sexy time.

Honestly, I change my review style earlier because I didn't like it.( Only people who saw my blog earlier will understand) I like this new way of writing a review. Remember, this is my opinion, not yours! So all of all, this is a good wikia. You love it.