Hey. Haedman here or James Scott Kempton. So I felt negative about the wiki chat. I fear the mods and admins. I am worried that mods and admins will change their personality. Some mods and Admins take their jobs too seriously. Some mods and Admins think they have more power than normal users. Some can just get away from it. I applied for mod, but it was decline, and I was glad so. I might become more mean, more strict, etc. Mods and Admins should not take their job serious. Just be the same, don't change their personality. If you're a mod or admin who just takes it as not so serious, then I respect you. If not, then I just hope the mod or admin will learn. I already lost a friend who used to be a normal user than a mod than an admin. He isn't my friend anymore because he has changed. The same can happen to other mods and admins. Only people who can control themself and do the right things can truely be a mod or admin. If this blog just cause more havoc, then I'm sorry. If I get ban for this blog, then I leave. I may not been here for a year, but I know what has happened. I have hope on all mod and admins who has changed. I only know 2 mod and 2 admins who seen to not take the status too seriously. Just be what you were before you were a mod or admin. Like someone said, "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility."