Movies, Video games, books,  and T.V Shows tend to have a sad theme. Sometimes, people shed tears as a result of how sad the movie/book/video game/ tv shows is. I post some exampes of things that made me cry. Warning, spoilers ahead! 


Schindler's List: 

Schindler's List is a very sad movie for many reason. It captures viewers of how horrible the Conceration camps were back in the 1940s. How horrible it was to be in Europe during World War 2. How emotional some scenes can get. It's my favorite Stephen Spielberg Film of all time. 

The Iron Giant Ending: 

"You are who you choose to be" 


I cried a lot. That is all. 

Toy Story 3 Ending: 

I been a fan of Toy Story since I was about 6. I seen all the movies, and this scene right here just delievered. 

Moving On After Toy Story 307:52

Moving On After Toy Story 3

Such a beautiful ending

Not a lot of movies made me cry, but I can list some nominees for almost making me cry:

UP: the first 20 minutes 

Eight Below: Almost made me cry as a kid 

Saving Private Ryan: Some of it was really sad and brutal. 

Books don't make me shed a tear, but one book that I found sad near the end was "To Kill a Mocking Bird" 

Video Games: 

The Walking Dead: Video Game: 

Time to post some sad scenes:

Kenny losing his entire family. 

Seeing the dead couple in the bed holding hands together.

Kenny dying 

Clementine forcing to shoot Lee to prevent him from turning into a zombie or leave him to be turned into a zombie.

How I felt after the ending:

The walking dead Clementine crying

How my face was after the ending

Metal Gear Solid 4:

I never played the game because I don't have a ps3, but I seen an entire walkthrough of the entire game. This is one of the saddest games in history. Examples include:

Eve's Death (Snake's Surrogate Mother) 

Naomi's Death. 

Raiden sacrificing his arm to save Snake 

The Microwave Tunnel and how every ally struggles to fight 

Snake's Attempt Sucidide 

Snake and Big Boss final converstation

Big Boss's death. (Snake's dad) 

Knowing the fact that Snake only has a few months to live before he dies. (Snake is a Clone) 

Nominees for sad movie game moments:

Dom's Death from Gears of War 3 

John Marston's' death from 'Red Dead Redemption

Post a comment on which sad moment made you cry or almost cry!!!!