To be honest, I really don't like doing stuff like this but I need to get this off my chest.

For a while: I thought mlp was decent. Had some bad moments but I still enjoyed it.

Now: My tolerance for it lowered by a large amount.

I'm not sure if it's becase of me getting older or it's getting more and more uninteresting. As I said in my last blog (from what feels like centuries ago), I lost interest in mlp for a while. I've been trying to get back into it, but idk why but I just can't. 

My opinion on EG as of right now: I watched every EG movie and really didn't see anything too special.The first one felt bland and kinda uninteresting. Rainbow Rocks was ok, nothing to special. Friendship Games for me was the worst. Finally, Camp Everfree also felt bland. I'm not saying the movies are bad, just disapointing. 

Season 6: I have yet to watch it, and maybe never will. I wanted to give seasons 5 and 6 a chance but never got the time to. and for crying out loud WHY GIVE TWILIGHT WINGS. I know that's old but that still bugs me. Giving Twilight a new castle? "MERCHANDISING!" ~Joshscorcher

Conclusion: Yeah, my interest for mlp has fallen dramatically throughout the years. It started out great (despite one episode making it onto my worst cartoons of all time list), and went downhill slowly to the point where I can't grab it. I still like some episodes and characters, but other than that, I think I'm done with mlp. Not the fanbase or this wiki though. Heck, I left the fanbase about 2 years ago. This wiki I barely ever come on, but I won't leave it. As time goes on, I might give mlp a few more chances but I can tell, it's going to be trouble.