I'll be honest, I'm not that hyped for season 6. After season 4 I kinda lost interest in watching for much longer. I watched the season 5 premiere and didn't really enjoy it. I tried watching the finale and really didn't enjoy it that much (seriously it just confused me). But I might give 6 a try. I saw the promo for season 6 and it looks intersting...up to a point. You see, the whole concept between the episode (at least from the promo/sneak peek), it looks just ok for me. I stopped watching MLP for a while, then went back only to see things get worse. I might watch a few epiosdes but idk. 

Leave your opinions down below! If you see hype for season 6, let me know. But for me, I'm not too hyped as of right now. Remember, my opinions change quickly so at any second, I might update this. But for now, goodbye.