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  • I live in Mooresville nc
  • I was born on October 6
  • My occupation is Dishwasher
  • I am Male
  • Haloking7410

    I apologize if these are not in order:

    princess twilight sparkle part 1 and 2-9.5

    castle mania-8.5

    daring don't-8.5

    flight to the finish-6

    power ponies-9


    rarity takes manehatten-6.5

    pinkie apple pride-9.5

    rainbow falls-8.5

    three's a crowd-8.5

    pinkie pride-9.5

    simple ways-5

    filly vanilli-8.5

    twilight time-7

    it ain't easy being breezies-8

    somepony to watch over me-8

    maud pie-7.5

    for whome the sweetie bell tolls-7

    leap of faith-7.5

    testing, testing 1,2,3-

    trade ya-7.5

    inspiration manifestation-8

    equestrian games-9

    twilights kingdom part 1 and 2-20

    I would like if any and everyone who leaves a comment on this blog would say yes or no if I should put my fanfic on one of the sites for fanfictions, I will leave this bit from the first chapter of my fanfic so you g…

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  • Haloking7410

    my top ten favorite mlp characters

    1. rainbow dash

    2.twilgiht sparkle


    4.flash sentry


    6.pinkie pie

    7.princess luna

    8.fluttershy and rarity


    10.derpy hooves

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