I apologize if these are not in order:

princess twilight sparkle part 1 and 2-9.5

castle mania-8.5

daring don't-8.5

flight to the finish-6

power ponies-9


rarity takes manehatten-6.5

pinkie apple pride-9.5

rainbow falls-8.5

three's a crowd-8.5

pinkie pride-9.5

simple ways-5

filly vanilli-8.5

twilight time-7

it ain't easy being breezies-8

somepony to watch over me-8

maud pie-7.5

for whome the sweetie bell tolls-7

leap of faith-7.5

testing, testing 1,2,3-

trade ya-7.5

inspiration manifestation-8

equestrian games-9

twilights kingdom part 1 and 2-20

I would like if any and everyone who leaves a comment on this blog would say yes or no if I should put my fanfic on one of the sites for fanfictions, I will leave this bit from the first chapter of my fanfic so you guys can make the right decision.

(what follows is the second paragraph from the 1st chapter of my fanfics opening chapter)

Everyone look out cried twilight who leaped into the path of the spell and took the full hit of it as she crashed into the ground, sunset shimmer teleported away and the others along with medical pony’s began to surround twilight. Oh no twilight are you ok? Is she alright? Will she make it? Ok back up, back up everypony we need to get her to the hospital said different pony’s as twilights unconscious body was carried away. We have to follow them said applejack, come on girls. They then began to chase after the medical ponies as they headed towards the hospital and when they got there Princess Luna and celestia were already waiting for the report on twilight’s condition. Princess Celestia, Princess Luna how is she the other mane 6 asked. They haven’t made a report yet. They are not allowing anyone into the room until they have stabilized her condition.

I thank everyone for there opinions and I hope you guys like the bit from my story. the rights to mlp and its characters belong to Hasbro.