Here's some ideas for some MLP episodes

  1. "Puffershy" - After an accident caused by Discord, Fluttershy starts to blow up like a balloon.
  2. "The Pony Dragon" - When Spike thinks he and Rarity can't stand a chance, he asks Starlight and Trixie to turn him into a pony.
  3. "Appleb'loon" - After Applebloom mistakes Zecora's potion for a soda can, she starts to blow up like a balloon whenever she eats.
  4. "Double-O-Spike" - Spike and Rarity find themselves masquerading as Sammy Flame and Lana Ruby, two secret agents working for M.A.N.E.
  5. "Does This Spell Make Me Look Fat?" - After Spike tries to cast a spell to impress Twilight, Rarity begins to blow up like a balloon. And Spike tries his best to keep her from floating away.
  6. "Mother-Daughter Inflation" - Princess Celestia asks Twilight to figure out how to cure Cadance and Flurry Heart from a sickness, causing them to blow up like balloons.

What do you think of these ideas? Leave your opinions in the comments below.