One week later after the death of my family members, I came back at Canterlot High. As I entered, everybody were talking to each other until the all saw me. Everybody looked at me. I didn't know what to do, so I started to do normal routing like I do in normal days. While I was still depressed, nobody even dared to say anything to me except quiteness. Then suddenly Pinkie Pie appeared smiling in front of me. She even knew that what happened with me. She forcefully trying to cheer me up but I refused. Then she gone too far by singing Cherry Chimichanga. She completely made me angry and insane. I snapped and I did the worst thing ever by slapping Pinkie's face. I slapped her so hard that she fell down and went unconscious. Everybody were so shocked that all of them were scared at me. Principal Celestria was there and she almost had an heart attack as she never saw this before. I gone more depressed, started to cry and run out of the Canterlot High.

I was sitting at school's backyard crying, and I didn't knew what to do. Then Shining Armor and Cadance came, trying to calm me down. It took me hours to calm down. Then the couple took me to a drive somewhere out of the city. (I don't really remember this part, so it was like a movie intermission.) The couple made me feel better, and I finally controlled myself.

As we came back in Canterlot High, the vice principal Luna was waiting for us. She said to the couple to leave us alone, and then she took me to the office. Then I knew what could be the situation, while the vice princial remained silent. As I entered principals office, not only the principal was here but also Pinkie Pie. She was angerly upset at me, her face was hot pink since I slapped her face. Principal Celestia said "Whatever I just saw, both of you misunderstood each other. I knew Pinkie would try to cheer you up and it was her mistake, but slapping and making her unconscious was a terrible mistake. I may fine you for this, but with your terrible condition I refused to fine". Then principal said to Pinkie "You should be more careful not to cheer those people who are seriously upset". This made Pinkie relaizing her mistake. Principal Celestria asked Pinkie to say sorry to me, and then she asked me to say sorry to Pinkie. As we forgive each other, principal Celestria allowed us to leave the office.

As we leave the principals office, Pinkie Pie started to cry and the sadly hugged me and saying "I'm very sorry for what I have done to you". I really don't know what to say but I feel bad for her, and I said "It's okay, misunderstanding happens all the time. And forgive me for what I have done, and forget about it". Then she smiles back and the dream ended.

The truth is, it really happened with me this year, but I never slapped or insult anyone.