(Um, I guess nevermind on that addendum down there, too. It seems like the comment section got deleted or something. I guess you should just ignore this whole thing, then. Bleh, I should probably stop making these, I'm 0 for 2 now. The first one was an accident and this one's kinda flopped in two unrelated ways already.) You should probably ignore the text below. I was essentially suggesting that we change the background for other holidays and such, but that's already being done. If anyone can remember which holiday/seasonal backgrounds have been used thus far, or just wants to discuss future ones, that'd be cool.

Hey, so you've probably all noticed that the background's been all Nightmare Night themed for a while now. It was part of a Wikia contest to see which wiki could create the best Halloween theme based on the its unique subject matter. Anyways, I don't know if this has already been proposed, but I think it would be pretty cool if the background could be changed like this more frequently, like for real world events that correspond with those from the show. Hearth's Warming Eve would be pretty good for Christmas-time, and I think the Running of the Leaves could probably be a good one for November. A Winter Wrap Up thing would be good for late February and early March, and maybe the Summer Sun Celebration for the longest day of the year in June or July? The Crystal Faire might work too depending on whether or not it has anything to do the calendar year or not. And maybe there could just be some other, less holiday related backgrounds to switch between if there's nothing in the near future.

I probably couldn't contribute more than the idea itself (assuming someone else hasn't suggested this), but if anyone was willing to look into getting/scaling some images and maybe setting up some sort of voting system, I think it could be really cool for the wiki. Does anyone have any opinions or ideas about it?