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    I just watched Winter Wrap-Up again yesterday and noticed something that still makes me ponder the origin and evolution of Equestrian Ponies. In the first scene of this episode Twilight Sparkle gets herself ready to go out into the cold by putting on boots, a scarf and... a saddle! She does so a bit clumsily, as if she's not even sure how to wear the last item. That scene reminded me of some of Rarity's fashion designs seen in the first episode of the series, designs that also include saddles. Then the dresses worn by some of the fillies at the party in Call of the Cutie also look like saddles. And now in Season Six we have an episode with "saddle" in the title. This evidence (and references to stirrups and bridles in the series) suggests …

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    My Original Characters

    April 24, 2016 by Herculine

    Just a few of my OC ideas. I'm not the best artist, so please bear with me...

    Pretty self-explanatory. Me if I could be a pony.

    I chose the name "de la Coeur" to indicate that my primary interests are in the affairs of the heart and also because it is, as Applejack would say, "Fancy" ("Herculine" also being a name I adopted long ago from a French work of non-fiction). I imagine my unicorn self as a resident of Canterlot and, though I would not be a wealthy snob, I would be much like Rarity in my attempts to mingle with Canterlot's elite. Where Rarity's forte is fashion mine would instead be matchmaking and romantic advice. Perhaps I would even write a romance column in a Canterlot newspaper and ponies would seek out my insights and advice.


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    My Images

    April 21, 2016 by Herculine

    Just a page for images I've made myself.

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    Mane 6 Favorites List

    March 27, 2016 by Herculine

    Favorites lists seem to be the trendy thing to do, so I will start off with the basics. These are my favorites of the Mane 6 in order of preference, 6 being least and 1 being my most favorite.

    1.) Pinkie Pie: Pinkie is the class clown and can perform both physical and visual humor as well as one-liners with ease. She's not just comedy relief... most of the time she is the comedy. She is always eager to make her friends laugh and goes to great lengths to make new friends and, as we all know, friendship is magic. Whenever her mane loses its bounce it hits me right in the heart.

    2.) Rarity: Rarity has grown immensely as a character since her first appearance. Initially she seemed to be just a shallow egotist, but her generosity always wins out over…

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