Just a few of my OC ideas. I'm not the best artist, so please bear with me...

FANMADE Friends In Ponyville OC group

Friends In Ponyville

If I Were a Pony

Pretty self-explanatory. Me if I could be a pony.

FANMADE HerculinedelaCoeur

Herculine de la Coeur

I chose the name "de la Coeur" to indicate that my primary interests are in the affairs of the heart and also because it is, as Applejack would say, "Fancy" ("Herculine" also being a name I adopted long ago from a French work of non-fiction). I imagine my unicorn self as a resident of Canterlot and, though I would not be a wealthy snob, I would be much like Rarity in my attempts to mingle with Canterlot's elite. Where Rarity's forte is fashion mine would instead be matchmaking and romantic advice. Perhaps I would even write a romance column in a Canterlot newspaper and ponies would seek out my insights and advice.

(In case the question is asked, I chose the more retro look for my personal OC avatar mainly for the muzzle design. In real life I've always considered myself a bit more of a "horse" than the average girl, being a bit taller and sturdier of frame than most. I imagine in G4 Canterlot Herculine de la Coeur might stand out quite a bit, but I'm sure anypony who knows me would come to accept me as being beautiful in my own way.)

Spring Sunshine

FANMADE Spring Sunshine OC

Spring Sunshine

The eternal optimist, Spring Sunshine is always warm and cheerful. She loves nature and all living creatures and enjoys spending time with her good friends Fluttershy and Tree Hugger, who are her role models. She takes great pleasure in participating in the seasonal events and celebrations in Equestria, a trait which has earned her the affectionate nickname "Miss Winter Wrap Up".

Winter Blossom

FANMADE Winter Blossom OC

Winter Blossom

A young Unicorn with a passion for peppermint candy and rare flowers, Winter Blossom was born on Hearth's Warming Eve. She is currently studying at Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, majoring in Magical Botany with a minor in Alchemy.

FANMADE Winter Blossom OCv2

Alternate Colors


FANMADE Starsprint OC


Many Pegasi gain fame by performing feats like Sonic Rainbooms. This young Cloudsdale mare's claim to fame is that she caught a falling star and put it back where it belonged in the night sky. Because of that feat several aerial performance teams have approached Starsprint with offers of membership, but Starsprint has declined such offers. She doesn't want to be part of any stiff military organizations... she just wants to fly and have fun.

FANMADE Starsprint OC spaceflight

Starsprint living up to her name

Vanity Sunglow

FANMADE Vanity OC Mane Fix

Vanity with fixed mane

A young mare who idolizes the beautiful and famous Rarity, Vanity Sunglow aspires to be a spa beautician working with celebrity clientele such as her idol. Her most prized possessions are her long flowing golden mane and tail and she happily boasts of her beauty. Despite her narcissistic flair, however, she is not condescending and does not consider herself to be better than other ponies. In fact, her ambitions to become a renowned beautician stem from her desire to help other ponies be beautiful also.

FANMADE Vanity Sunglow OC

Vanity Sunglow original pic

FANMADE Friends at the Boutique

Friends at the Boutique

Princess Seasong

My first OC. I borrowed Rarity's mane style because it's so much like waves.

Princess Seasong is one of the youngest Equestrian Princesses, a distant niece of Celestia and Luna. Her element is water and despite her Alicorn wings she would much rather swim than fly. She is in water what Rainbow Dash is in the air, a swimmer who has never been beaten by any other pony. Her magic can make water obey her will, giving her the power to calm rough waves or churn up a terrible tempest. The creatures of the sea are her friends and watch over and protect her, gladly rushing to her side whenever she needs their aid. But her strengths can also be a weakness in the sense that she has sequestered herself in the sea for so long that most land-dwelling Equestrians have forgotten her and so her only friends are the creatures of the sea.

FANMADE Princess Seasong OC

Princess Seasong

FANMADE Princess Seasong OC CM

revised Cutie Mark

FANMADE Princess Seasong OC revised

Princess Seasong revision

FANMADE Princess Seasong OC 3D

Princess Seasong 3D