• HiImNametag

    I'm thinking about creating a... spin-off... new version of MLP? It's not a spin-off, really, but it adheres a bit more to Faust's original vision for the show (such as Scootaloo originally having three episodes throughout seasons 1 - 2 about her inability to fly, and Cadence originally being a pegasus) mixed with my own ideas. If anyone wants to hear my other ideas for this... new... version of the show so far, here you go. Everyone says it's really good, so I hope you'll hear me out:

    - Similar to how Zecora was originally a secondary mentor to Twilight and her friends, there's going to be an Earth Pony who uses the same role. Her name is Heartsong, a good friend of the Mane Six but not a true Element of Harmony. Although she's slightly di…

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