I'm thinking about creating a... spin-off... new version of MLP? It's not a spin-off, really, but it adheres a bit more to Faust's original vision for the show (such as Scootaloo originally having three episodes throughout seasons 1 - 2 about her inability to fly, and Cadence originally being a pegasus) mixed with my own ideas. If anyone wants to hear my other ideas for this... new... version of the show so far, here you go. Everyone says it's really good, so I hope you'll hear me out:

- Similar to how Zecora was originally a secondary mentor to Twilight and her friends, there's going to be an Earth Pony who uses the same role. Her name is Heartsong, a good friend of the Mane Six but not a true Element of Harmony. Although she's slightly ditzy, she's intelligent and kind, and it's her goal to gain wisdom and maturity -- but she struggles with jealousy. I was thinking of creating a couple of episodes where she and Luna have a dream session together, and Heartsong becomes similar to Nightmare Moon, but in the form of an alicorn windigo. Her Cutie Mark's similar to a music note but with a heart where the end should be. Here, put this code in Pony Creator V3 to see what she looks like: WW00K00/////yIT000B/pun18370005Uyt8z9h205Vp/C/t//21

- The main characters won't be archetypes and their personalities are more mixed.

- Diamond Tiara has a different reason for being a bully - I'm thinking that she took the meaning of her cutie mark too far and became mad with power. In her power-mad state she assumed cutie markless fillies basically meant nothing. I'm not a big fan of the "bad parent" excuse because it's been used hundreds of times before. Her heel-face turn is also more gradual and done earlier.

- I'm thinking of having only Silver Spoon be redeemed because some people are just cruel and always stay that way. (see previous bullet)

- The CMC's get their cutie marks earlier, and at different times. Since Faust thought of Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle's cutie mark before Apple Bloom, she'll be the last to get her cutie mark.

- It's slightly more comedic than the actual series, kind of like a watered down version of MLP YTP's:, but more kid-friendly.

- Again, I'll also try and keep this closer to Faust's original vision of the show, and I'll probably end it at Magical Mystery Cure because it was supposed to end there and I like the more simple episodes of Seasons 1 - 3.

What do you think so far? Can you give me any suggestions? :)