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  • Hixzon

    I know what the scores are but cannot update until further notice!

    Hiatus End: 2016 February, Thank you for your time.

    Round 1

    Round 2

    Round 3

    Round 4

    Round 5

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  • Hixzon

    Hey guys Hix here, and today-- wait no I'll tell you what happened. I was about to publish the post then I realised one of the polls wasn't made properly so I clicked back and now I have to restart the whole round. Now that I've got that off my chest time to start this round.  Voting Finished!

    First round we had 2 of Rainbow Dash's friend Lightning Dust and the infamous Gilda. With an extremely close poll, Lightning Dust pushed ahead in the last 1 minutes!

    Lightning Dust - 12 Votes (52.17%)

    Gilda -11 Votes (47.83%)

    Winner - Lightning Dust

    Following that clash we had another clash between 2 princesses, our Canterlot main princess Celestia and our princess of the crystal empire Cadance. Celestia, again just 2 votes in front, which is actually the big…

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  • Hixzon

    Hey guys, Hix here, and today we're back for another round of the tournament. I apologise for not closing it yesterday, as I was exhausted from camp. So today we will have the next 4 polls, slowly getting closer to the next level of the tournament. Without further ado lets get this started! Voting Finished!

    To begin the third round we had 2 of the Shadowbolts that honestly did not get much recognition for their depiction in Friendship Games, introducing Lemon Zest  and Sunny Flare. The winner is Lemon Zest

    Lemon Zest - 15 Votes (60%)

    Sunny Flare - 10 Votes (40%)

    Winner - Lemon Zest

    Next we had a main character and an Equestria girls main character. We have Applejack the farmer... against Sunset Shimmer the human leader of the main cast. We concluded…

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  • Hixzon

    Welcome everyone to the next round of the tournament congratulations to the 4 characters who got through last time, tough luck to the partners of the losers. Now lets get this round started, good luck to all the characters in this round and may the odds be ever in their favour.

    To kick off this round we threw the background pony Derpy against the Equestria Girls Indigo Zap. Indigo Zap ended up taking out this round with a last second comeback.

    Derpy - 13 Votes (44.83%)

    Indigo Zap - 16 Votes (55.17%)

    Winner - Indigo Zap

    Next we had 2 main characters battle it out, though it wasn't really a battle since Pinkie Pie dominated Twilight like a background pony.

    Twilight Sparkle - 6 Votes (20.69%)

    Pinkie Pie -  23 Votes (79.31%)

    Winner - Pinkie Pie

    Now we h…

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  • Hixzon

    Hello and welcome to the first round of the random teamed tournament. If you don't know what this is please see the previous blog introducing it. 32 competitors, all are secretly teamed with another character. Winner gets 15 votes towards total score. Highest score (votes) win. 3 days a poll. Lets see the first 8 contestants. Voting Finished

    We started the tournament with a battle between Rarity and Sugarcoat with Rarity taking out Sugarcoat with style.

    Rarity - 24 Votes (58.54%)

    Sugarcoat - 17 Votes (41.46%)

    Winner - Rarity

    Next we had the pop star Coloratura up against the fashion pony Sassy Saddles, with Coloratura wiping the floor with her and racking up points for her and her unknown teammate.

    Coloratura - 38 Votes (90.48%)

    Sassy Saddles - 4…

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