Hey guys Hix here, and today-- wait no I'll tell you what happened. I was about to publish the post then I realised one of the polls wasn't made properly so I clicked back and now I have to restart the whole round. Now that I've got that off my chest time to start this round.  Voting Finished!


First round we had 2 of Rainbow Dash's friend Lightning Dust and the infamous Gilda. With an extremely close poll, Lightning Dust pushed ahead in the last 1 minutes!

Lightning Dust - 12 Votes (52.17%)

Gilda -11 Votes (47.83%)

Winner - Lightning Dust

Following that clash we had another clash between 2 princesses, our Canterlot main princess Celestia and our princess of the crystal empire Cadance. Celestia, again just 2 votes in front, which is actually the biggest difference in the polls this round.

Princess Celestia - 12 Votes (54.55%)

Princess Cadance - 10 Votes (45.45%)

Next we had our last 2 shadowbolts, which are Sci-Twi  and Sour Sweet. With Sour Sweet AGAIN being one vote in front, this was an intense poll to say the least.

Sci-Twi - 11 Votes (47.83%)

Sour Sweet - 12 Votes (52.17%)

Winner - Sour Sweet

Finally we had 2 stars from Rarity Takes Manehattan, we have Prim Hemline and Suri Polomare. Suri took this out with a last second vote switch, which allowed her to advance to the next rounds.

Prim Hemline - 11 Votes (47.83%)

Suri Polomare - 12 Votes (52.17%)

Winner - Suri Polomare


1 .Lightning Dust - 12

1. Princess Celestia - 12

1. Sour Sweet - 12

1. Suri Polomare - 12

5. Gilda - 11

5. Sci-Twi - 11

5. Prim Hemline - 11

8. Cadance - 10 A huge thank you to everyone who voted, these were some of the closest polls ever, with each poll being 1 or 2 apart. The next level of the tournament is coming soon. I'll make it as fast as I can and until next time, Hix out!

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5