Hey guys, Hix here, and today we're back for another round of the tournament. I apologise for not closing it yesterday, as I was exhausted from camp. So today we will have the next 4 polls, slowly getting closer to the next level of the tournament. Without further ado lets get this started! Voting Finished!


To begin the third round we had 2 of the Shadowbolts that honestly did not get much recognition for their depiction in Friendship Games, introducing Lemon Zest  and Sunny Flare. The winner is Lemon Zest

Lemon Zest - 15 Votes (60%)

Sunny Flare - 10 Votes (40%)

Winner - Lemon Zest

Next we had a main character and an Equestria girls main character. We have Applejack the farmer... against Sunset Shimmer the human leader of the main cast. We concluded with Applejack winning with Sunset not far behind.

Applejack - 15 Votes (55.56%)

Sunset Shimmer - 12 Votes (44.44%)

Winner - Applejack

Following that we had our 2 season 2 antagonists. Introducing Discord, the lord of chaos going up against the changeling queen Chrysalis. With our chaos lord scoring a convincing win, Chrysalis was left in the dust.

Discord - 23 Votes (88.46%)

Chysalis - 3 Votes (11.54%)

Winner - Discord

Finally, we had 2 supporting characters and aquaintances of Twilight, we have the book addict Moon Dancer and the magician, Trixie. Moon Dancer proved herself to be better then Trixie.

Moon Dancer - 15 Votes (60%)

Trixie - 10 Votes (40%)

Winner - Moon Dancer


Discord - 23

Lemon Zest - 15

Applejack - 15

Moon Dancer - 15

Sunset Shimmer - 12

Sunny Flare - 10

Trixie - 10

Chrysalis - 3

Thanks everyone for participating in this round of the tournament, next polls should hopefully be up soon. Remember to keep on cheering your favourites and until next time Hix out!

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