Welcome everyone to the next round of the tournament congratulations to the 4 characters who got through last time, tough luck to the partners of the losers. Now lets get this round started, good luck to all the characters in this round and may the odds be ever in their favour.


To kick off this round we threw the background pony Derpy against the Equestria Girls Indigo Zap. Indigo Zap ended up taking out this round with a last second comeback.

Derpy - 13 Votes (44.83%)

Indigo Zap - 16 Votes (55.17%)

Winner - Indigo Zap

Next we had 2 main characters battle it out, though it wasn't really a battle since Pinkie Pie dominated Twilight like a background pony.

Twilight Sparkle - 6 Votes (20.69%)

Pinkie Pie -  23 Votes (79.31%)

Winner - Pinkie Pie

Now we have y'know him... and Starlight Glimmer, quite predictable Starlight dominated, but he actually put up a decent fight.

Flash Sentry - 10 Votes (37.04%)

Starlight Glimmer - 17 Votes (62.96%)

Winner - Starlight Glimmer

For the last round we had 2 reformed characters, which were Diamond Tiara and Princess Luna. Luna won this convincingly.

Princess Luna - 19 Votes (63.33%)

Diamond Tiara 11 Votes (36.37%)

Winner - Princess Luna


Pinkie Pie - 23

Princess Luna - 19

Starlight Glimmer - 17

Indigo Zap - 16

Derpy - 13

Diamond Tiara - 11

Flash Sentry - 10

Twilight Sparkle - 6

Thank you for tuning in this round, I have to do this really fast, so please excuse any grammatical errors, have fun, Hix out!

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