Since you guys wanted me to do a teamed tournament based on the statistics of the last poll here we go but first we need to set a few rules and regulations! This tournament will consist of (8, 16 or 32) characters and I will secrelty pair each of them together and by the end of the tournament the team with the highest combined score wins the whole thing. Score is based on the amount of votes the character gets throughout the competition. (Losing the first round is fatal) Whoever wins the overall tournament will get an extra (10, 15, 20, 25+) votes towards their final combined score. Each voting round will be open for, (2, 3, 4 days) also this poll will only go for 1 day. I've already got the characters planned for the circumstances. Good luck to all teams!

How many competitors do you want? You voted for 32. How many points will the overall winner receive? You voted for 15. How many days per round? You voted for 3.

The tournament will begin soon!