So today I'll be giving you my list of the worst episodes in MLP. (IMO) If you disagree or think other episodes are worse tell me in the comments, I'd love to hear all your opinions on the worst episodes, so... lets get this thing started!

5. Magical Mystery Cure

The episode where Twilight became an Alicorn. Well it's not really a bad plot. But this is what I think of the audio.( Song after song after song and none of the songs are even that good. Overall not my cup of tea.

4. Filli Vanilli

Oh another Fluttershy being shy episode... great. This episode may be similar to some of the other Fluttershy episodes but that song just pushes it that one step further. I mean you have a good cast of singers why abuse them and force them to sing that abomination of music. 

3. Griffon The Brush Off god this character, despite being a griffon and all she is literally the most annoying, stupid crap obsessed with being 'cool' I just don't know what to say.

2. Sweet and Elite

So much plot convenience crap.Rarity showing kids what the element of generosity does friends by totally forgetting about them and being obsessed with Canterlot and all those stuck up little snobs. I just hated this.

Honorable Mentions

What About Discord?

Mysteious Mare Do Well

Rainbow Falls

The Hoofields and McColts

Dragon Quest

1. Power Ponies

W-w-w-what i-is this? A magic comic book that happened to not suck them up until it was convenient for the plot. Literally the only way to define this episode is stupid, I mean really superheroes who the 6 just happened to be the same types of ponies for the personality of the actual character. The villain... I don't even know, do fillies actually read that crap, a villain who's obsessed with hair and world domination. How was this piece of trash comic book published? Why is this an episode? Spike episodes always disappoint for some reason.