I like My Little Pony. In fact, I don't even consider myself a "Brony" at all! How is this possible? Easy, you can regard me as one of those rare male fans whom actually likes My Little Pony long before Friendship is Magic ever came to be!

Granted, I was never interested in the toys, but rather I got into Ponies when watching a few episodes of My Little Pony Tales when I was a kid. It may had been girly to some extent, but I actually liked it a lot, especially since it was a bit tolerable considering along with the seven main, female characters, there are also three significant, MALE pony characters! Even the modern series has yet to have any real support male characters. (This guy is not a pony, and this guy certainly does not count. These guys need to hang out with the Cutie Mark Crusaders more often. This guy has potential, but we haven't seen enough of him. At least, not enough of him to know him better. I mustn't forget we always had this guy too, but he kinda disappeared in later episodes despite his large size. I don't think certain one-timers count either.) Tales also has extensive romantic themes since there was so much interaction between the opposite sexes, something which I personally have a great affinity for despite it getting mushy at times.

Unfortunately, Tales was not as well received with other fans as I would have hoped, as so many people seem to disregard it. This is due to the very varied nature of the TV series from the original series, as well as the fact that the toys based on this show were limited, and were never released in the U.S. oddly enough.

Like a lot of people, I lost hopes for My Little Pony during the G3 period, and even more when Core 7 (G3.5) was introduced. I even had some initial doubts about the modern series as well, but if it wasn't for a male friend whom convinced me to try it (which I found very weird that he actually suggested it at the time), I wouldn't have learned how Lauren Faust actually saved the series, and made it just too well that so many male, non-parents actually follow the series like they do SpongeBob SquarePants or something! Thank you so much, Mrs. McCracken! (I doubt you'd like to be called that considering you keeping your maiden name, but methinks some traditions are hard to die. I don't know if that means anything to you though.)

I dunno. Maybe of this revelation I can finally come out of the Pony closet, but I don't think that mattered much to me before though as, before Friendship is Magic, My Little Pony was just one of those things I decided to leave behind in my childhood memories.

By the way, when the Pony drought began between seasons, I sought to actually look for episodes of Tales around as I suddenly had the urge to watch them once again, and I was lucky to find an entire YouTube channel dedicated to Tales! And you know what? Tales is still as awesome as I remembered it!