Okie... I got this idea from comments on YouTube . Basically someone makes a comment , which is started with " Let's start a comment story . " then they make 1-4 sentences to start off a "comment story " . Then someone will reply continuing the story with 1-4 sentences , make sure it has TONS of plot twists ;u; . also , so that things don't get confused refresh and wait before you continue a story , someone might comment at the same time as you and things will get messed up . MESSED UP >:O . The original user who made the first comment can end the story when ever they want by saying " the end " xp . It's like saying one word at a time , but isntead of words it's sentecneesssuhsh h. :3
Sweetie Belle and mud covered Rarity look at eggs S2E05

Mothering eggs