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  • I live in Bronxville, NY
  • I was born on March 1
  • My occupation is Sr. Network Engineer ABC
  • I am Male
  • IDigAPony

    Who am I?

    January 13, 2014 by IDigAPony

    Trying to recall how long I've been a fan.  Less than a year. So I'm over 50, I have a daughter (13) and a wife and I absolutely love MLP:FIM.  I like to think that if I met me that I wouldn't think I was weird, you know?  I tell friends how much I love the show and get different reactions.  Am I a Brony?  Best answer... Probably.  How did this happen...

    My daughter and I were watching Ninjago together (she told me I reminded her of Zane, which I came to find out was quite a compliment.)  Later we were watching a YouTube mash up of them.  The girl that created the mash up had photoshopped "Lloyd is Brony" on the back of that character's ghi. I asked her "what's a Brony"  She told me it's guys who like "My Little Pony"  (I was not familiar w…

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