Trying to recall how long I've been a fan.  Less than a year. So I'm over 50, I have a daughter (13) and a wife and I absolutely love MLP:FIM.  I like to think that if I met me that I wouldn't think I was weird, you know?  I tell friends how much I love the show and get different reactions.  Am I a Brony?  Best answer... Probably.  How did this happen...

My daughter and I were watching Ninjago together (she told me I reminded her of Zane, which I came to find out was quite a compliment.)  Later we were watching a YouTube mash up of them.  The girl that created the mash up had photoshopped "Lloyd is Brony" on the back of that character's ghi. I asked her "what's a Brony"  She told me it's guys who like "My Little Pony"  (I was not familiar with FIM - I was thinking gen1) "mmm...okay" I replied uncertainly.  Then later she used the term Derpy.  I asked her about it and she referred me to MLP again and the character.  I had to see it now.  When I found out about Derpy and the incredible reaction the fandom had to her Epic, I had to find out more.  She showed me the "This is War" PMV.  I watched the first few episodes.  And now... 

1.I completed and posted a PMV [PMV] Dashie Jet and I'm working on one for Pinkie Pie. 

2. I'm 25K words into a serious AppleSpark manuscript that I could not have written if not for the ponies.  I'm a writer by hobby and have quite a few pieces I've done.(Including an entire rock opera based on Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album)  I have never been happier writing than when I'[m working on "Tomorrow Never Knows"  It's like spending time with them. The title of this blog is the question that Twilight has to answer.  I love her but I put her through hay.  Serious emotional hay.

3. I have a Dashie (flying) iron on patch over the left breast pocket of my army field jacket (so if you see a really tall guy in NYC near Lincoln Center, that'd be me...)

My wife and daughter say I'm a much happier person since I started watching the show.  It's nice to hear. Maybe I'm twisted, I don't know, all I can say is that while watching "Rarity Takes Manhattan", suddenly they just became cartoon characters.  They no longer engendered that incredible spark of hapiness that had settled into my cerebral cortex since I started watching the show.  It was scary, I kid you not.  Gradually throughout the week it began to come back and by the time Apple Pinkie Pie was on the screen, I knew my ponies were back in my heart. Why do I love them so much?  Too much to answer.  I can't stop talking about them, my wife is getting sick of it, but they're like a drug.

My wife has suggested that maybe I convert the story to humans, but it won't work.  Key elements of the story demand that it take place with those two and in their world.  I am determined to stick to canon, though with AJ playing the durn banjo in "Apples to the Core" she undercut one of my plot points, however it's not too bad since she did play fiddle at Cadance and Shining Armor's wedding, (Still annoyed with her for not sticking by Twilight during that episode.)

I can go on here forever discussing the show and randomly jumping from one topic to the next.  I'll be heading to BronyCon next August just to meet some of you and enjoy the comraderie I've heard so much about. 

The last thing I want to say is how amazed I am at my fellow Bronies talents. I mean seriously we're talking a bunch of profoundly talented people who need to express their love of the characters and the show in the best way they know how- through their art.  If I didn't love them I woudn't and couldn't create the art I'm creating.

Gotta get back to my girls.