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    Is it alright? let me know below!

    There's no particular reason. Before, she was the princess of music but that was just stereo typical and I am re creating this blog :)

    It wouldnt be a proper princess (maybe they're clip on wings)

    (she would or been a Unicorn before)

    Because I like singing and music. (it just means her special talent is music) 

    Leave a comment below.

    I won't take your reviews personaily, I might re make her anyway so it doesn't really matter. :)

    Thanks for viewing :)

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  • IamFrankiestein

    I found this on Youtube :) Enjoy!

    (I have no prediction for the Power seems like a parody Episode to me, But I can't wait to see it!)

    1. Clip- Scootlaloo was rumored to be  'Crippled' Pony and this seems to be mentioned in this clip. I think she want's to proove her self by carrying the flag that represents Ponyville and is obviously being made fun of by Princess Tiara and Silver Spoon. She seems pretty down here so maybe this means so much to her or if her parents have done so before her ect...This clip is quite meaningful in the sense that she has no family (that we are aware of) so it could have something to do with this...
    2. Clip- Pinkie has no parents that we have met before and lives with Mr and Mrs Cake right? Well someone poste…

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  • IamFrankiestein

    Yes, here I am again...and I was watching the trailer like "Huh...can't find the movie onine so lets watch it... AGAIN!"

    And I saw this. When the crown exploads into tiny peices of whetever it exploades into I saw that there is a girl in the middle!

    lets just get a closer look at that:

    Uh huh!  I see it too! and from what I observed, she is wearing the SAME as Twilight Human Sparkle. Which suggests to me that Human Twilight won't have to leave her human friends...AND Remember the advertisement poster (If you've seen it) it shows Twilight (pony) looking at Twilight (Human) in a MIRROR, Which makes me think that Human Twilight already did..I mean come on, did thoes girls that looked so much like The mane five just happen to be there and The pon…

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  • IamFrankiestein

    Well I sat down to watch the second trailer released for about the 50th time and I noticed something HUGE (If it is what I think it is)

    When the guard says "Princess, Twilight Sparkle" Take a look at his mane, fur coat colour and a hint at his voice...

    THEN look at our mystery guy in the movie (I think he's called Brad...) Don't they look similar?

    I know this might be a HUGE coincidence and I could be very wrong indeed but does anyone else think this is what I think it is?

    Please let me know below!

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  • IamFrankiestein

    Hello there!

    May 16, 2013 by IamFrankiestein

    Hi I am Iamfrankiestein. You may or not know me from MH wiki :)                                                                          I am almost famous for numerous blog posts on MH wiki, but If you don't want that here I perfectly understand :)

    Unfortunately I will mostly be comming here for updates and ect...However I will pop by now and then to say Hi check for updates :)

    Please leave me messages and ect on my talk page and visit me on MH wiki if you are on there or are planning to visit :D

    This is just a hello blog and I might make more on opinion, facts or whatever is appropriate for this wiki :)

    So I will hopefully see you all around here :) (my signiture will now appear...)

    xxxFrankiexxx (talk) 18:15, May 16, 2013 (UTC)xxxFra…

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