Hi I am Iamfrankiestein. You may or not know me from MH wiki :)                                                                          I am almost famous for numerous blog posts on MH wiki, but If you don't want that here I perfectly understand :)

Unfortunately I will mostly be comming here for updates and ect...However I will pop by now and then to say Hi check for updates :)

Please leave me messages and ect on my talk page and visit me on MH wiki if you are on there or are planning to visit :D

This is just a hello blog and I might make more on opinion, facts or whatever is appropriate for this wiki :)

So I will hopefully see you all around here :) (my signiture will now appear...)

xxxFrankiexxx (talk) 18:15, May 16, 2013 (UTC)xxxFrankiexx

/) (\ *brohoof*

TwilightSparkle FlashSentry

looks like Frankie Stein and Holt Hyde from MH wiki…: )