Sunset Shimmer engulfed by magic EG

Do you see it?!

Yes, here I am again...and I was watching the trailer like "Huh...can't find the movie onine so lets watch it... AGAIN!"

And I saw this. When the crown exploads into tiny peices of whetever it exploades into I saw that there is a girl in the middle!

lets just get a closer look at that:

Uh huh!  I see it too! and from what I observed, she is wearing the SAME as Twilight Human Sparkle. Which suggests to me that Human Twilight won't have to leave her human friends...AND Remember the advertisement poster (If you've seen it) it shows Twilight (pony) looking at Twilight (Human) in a MIRROR, Which makes me think that Human Twilight already did..I mean come on, did thoes girls that looked so much like The mane five just happen to be there and The pony who stole Twilight's crown had never seen Twilight before so that suggests that there was ALWAYS a human Twilight...(to make things easier, I think Human and Pony Twilight swapped and The pony who stole the crown-Sunset- had no idea.)

Pillar of magic light EG
Sunset Shimmer humanized ID Equestria Girls

But! We have seen a Pony doll of her so maybe there was a pony of THIS character (Sunset Shimmer?) and she turned into a human...O-O

GAHHHH! My brain is gonna expload from ideas and predictions!!!

So that is my general jib jab of the day :) Please let me know on your thoughts and COMMENT!