screenshots of a canterlot wedding preview 3.

i will do also preview 1 and 2 later...

My Little Pony Royal Wedding Commercial00:30

My Little Pony Royal Wedding Commercial


<---- preview 3

a canterlot wedding spoiler screenshots:

1. scratch comeback with pinkie pie, stil no eye color.. everybody was going crazy on EQD about scratch.

DJ Pinkie Pie Hubworld Wedding promotion

scratch and pinkie comeback of scratch!!!

Princess Luna and Princess Celestia at Royal Wedding S2E26

luna is back!

Soarin&#039; and Rainbow Dash S02E26

soarin with rainbow dash dancing

2. luna is back! i realy was hoping that she was coming back.

soarin with rainbow dash dancing couple or not.....i think
Photo of Rarity and Fancypants S02E26

rarity with fancypants!!


this one is not very hard..... fancypants with rarity

Princess Cadance looking in Rarity&#039;s mirror S2E26

rarity, twilight and cadence

there making her ready. twilight with the list natural.

Sweetie Belle and Spike dancing S02E26

spike with sweetie belle

i now what you think: rarity with spike but.... it's not!

when you look at he hair you can see it's pink with purple.

Party time S02E26

happy dancing ponies

cadence with shinny, AFTER PARTY!

Pinkie Pie and DJ Pon-3 S02E26

scratch with pinkie again

stil no eye color...RAGE!!!