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    Why I hate Printers

    October 30, 2016 by IcyCocoaCream

    Oh Printers, Oh Printers how useful you are.

    You're more convienient than finding the Czar.....

    When I use you you help me get my work done.

    But when you malfunction, it's really not that fun.

    Such as these past few days, when you refused to connect.

    You just acted still, and possibly thought I was 'wrecked'.

    But I reently decided to print a piece of paper.

    But something happened to the printer, was it a caper?

    No! It was my own fault, I thought removing you would fix it.

    But all that did was make myself dig deeper into a pit.

    I just want to have a functioning printer.

    But the chances of getting that seem to be becoming fainter and fainter....

    The End.

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    Twilight's Kingdom (Parts 1 and 2)

    Magical Mystery Cure

    Crusaders of the Lost Mark


    Slice of Life


    Pinkie Pride

    Spice Up Your Life

    A Hearths Warming Tail

    Pinkie Apple Pie

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    Taking place 2-3 months after the events of Legend of Everfree, possibly during the near end of Season 7 if it happens. It starts off in Canterlot High where school seems to be normal with a twist. The Mane 6 (7? 8 minus 1? have fully adapted to their newfound powers. Twilight's been recovering from the few events such as the Friendship Games and the LoE and has also been keeping in touch with Timber Spruce. Sunset and Twilight have a couple of moments and then the main event happening in this movie is revealed with Rainbow Dash reminding them "Hurry! The Canterlot Spirit and Unity Festival's about to start! Do you want to see the opening act or NOT?!". Right before the starting of the movie opening sequence, a small scene foreshadowing th…

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