Equestria Girls Movie #5 Idea; Critical Equestria


Taking place 2-3 months after the events of Legend of Everfree, possibly during the near end of Season 7 if it happens. It starts off in Canterlot High where school seems to be normal with a twist. The Mane 6 (7? 8 minus 1? have fully adapted to their newfound powers. Twilight's been recovering from the few events such as the Friendship Games and the LoE and has also been keeping in touch with Timber Spruce. Sunset and Twilight have a couple of moments and then the main event happening in this movie is revealed with Rainbow Dash reminding them "Hurry! The Canterlot Spirit and Unity Festival's about to start! Do you want to see the opening act or NOT?!". Right before the starting of the movie opening sequence, a small scene foreshadowing the future events show as part of Canterlot High becomes.....Equestria?! Anyways, throughout the movie, slowly Sunset and Twilight will notice that there have been Equestria-like things happening. On the 2nd day of the Festival, Sunset and Twilight, beginning to be more suspicious of the events, find a few more events. However, while alone, Twilight notices that nearby the Festival, a small area has completely transformed, with what appears to be a Ponyville building. On the 3rd day of the festival, there's nothing much that happens except Sunset is getting more suspicious and has been taking notes of the events. Worrying about a panic, she  and Twilight keep their discoveries private and continue on studying what was happenning. Later on, as everyone is in the back of the school with the festivities, Sunset notices that the statue has been even more cracked; and light blasting out! After a while, she and Twilight begin to realize the pattern. Worried about it getting out of hand, Sunset decides to get pony Twilight's help. However, after sending it, trouble happens. Later on, we go to pony Equestria where human Equestria stuff were popping out, such as pony Rarity finding a locker room in her boutique and Fluttershy finding animals from the human world flooding in. Pony Twilight recieves Starlight's message of distress however as soon as she opens it a large crack is heard. The two worlds were now instable and the opening on the journal led to the mirror and the statue EXPLODE! Instead a large tear is replaced, similar to the ones from the Friendship Games but much  more deadly and accessible. While going through the portal, Twilight and Spike are completely BLASTED into the human world, sucking them so hard they weren't even able to transform into humans! When they notice this both of them are appalled by this, and this is where a good place to pause the movie would be. Returning, it's Day 4 when this happened, and Sunset and Twilight were getting much more nervous seeking Twilight's help. She had finally arrived and after some explanation they all learned why she was still a pony. Pony Twilight discovers that Equestrian magic had been lately getting to close to the human world, with her first visit already slowly causing the two worlds to approach each other. The 2nd time it drastically was brought evfen closer due to the sirens' powers ending up aTTRAC